5 Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Double Your Sales

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E-commerce – changing the markets step by step

Recently, E-commerce has taken the world through a dynamic change. No more shopping lines, no taking out time especially for a shopping day and no long queues for one single item exchange. More and more people are now looking towards shopping online in a stress-free manner and from anywhere, anytime. But this change has not been welcomed with warm hands by the people as they realise that online shopping doesn’t help when they want to touch and feel the products before buying, which is actually a crucial factor of buying anything. Due to this reason, the marketers involved in web ecommerce development always have a question in mind as to how to double the sales and how to make their portal the most popular shopping destination for open source web development .
To help the marketers out, there are few marketing tips which can be very useful to increase the sales of a particular shopping portal.

Double the sales through marketing tips

  • Social Media: Social media platforms are the greatest influencers in current times. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all work as a driving force to make the public choose what should be followed and what should be done. Promoting your shopping websites on the social media increases the chances of higher sales tremendously. It helps build stronger customer relations and brings them closer to your brand. With the help of the latest digital media trends, a larger part of the audience can be attracted towards the portal and influence them to shop from your site only. Apart from that, a bot to help answer their queries help them feel connected every time.
  • Following-up: A follow-up with potential buyers can make worlds of difference. Sometimes, a customer puts products in the cart but then doesn’t purchase the same. An email regarding the same and encouraging them to buy helps increase the sale and it also makes the customer feel connected as if they have a personal touch with the particular shopping portal. Apart from that, emails including offers and “Especially for you” vouchers attract triple-fold customers as people always wait for a sale to buy a lot of stuff in a go. The emails including vouchers should not only be about the sale. Rather, it should also be about creativity as everybody responds to innovative mails and helps in web ecommerce development on a large scale.
  • Personal Appeal: Most of the people, while shopping doesn’t think logically rather emotionally. There is a human tendency to buy everything at the moment if it looks appealing, irrespective of the fact that it is of any use or that particular thing is necessary at the moment or not. That is why a marketer needs to hit the correct chord of existing/potential buyers so that they make purchases. For the same purpose, it is also important to know what is in trend and what is that the customers are looking for and work towards providing them with those things.
  • Bloggers/Fashion Influencers: Social Media platform is filled with up and coming bloggers nowadays who influence the audience in a big way. What they wear, how to choose to love, what is their particular styling, everything is followed by a maximum number of people religiously. Collaborating with bloggers can work wonders for an e-commerce website. Not only new marketers, but already established brands are also joining the influencer team as they promote the brand in a unique and trendy way which grabs a lot of attention in a very small span of time. Thus, making it a smart choice for any marketer.
  • Optimised Advertisement: Web ecommerce development is a huge trend and many marketers are shifting their focus from showrooms to virtual shopping centres. And how do the customers shop? The first thing they do is search on google for the product they want to buy. The first few shopping links are always credible in the eyes of buyers and nobody turns to the second page, ever. That is why it is very important for a marketer that his shopping page appears in the top links. This can be done through Google Adwords. The marketers have to pay a certain amount to gain the lead in the e-commerce world. Apart from that, there is also an option of buying and selling the ads which are inexpensive and also reaches the maximum number of audience. Through this, websites promote a particular shopping portal on their own pages and the audience who will open that website will see the ads, thus reaching people effectively.

E-commerce’s acceptance is slow yet getting stronger day by day. More and more buyers are leaning towards shopping from online stores rather than going to the markets as it is convenient and saves time especially for those who are busy in their hectic life but still need to shop. For a marketer to reach those buyers, it is important to showcase what is best about them and what do they have which their competitors don’t.

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