How Knowing Your Audience Should Impact On Your Web Design?

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As a business, there is no doubt that understanding who your actual and prospective customers are is essential when it comes to drawing up a marketing strategy. Your website is your key tool for engaging with your target audiences. So it makes sense that, when considering web design options, you need to first consider who wants to find your website and why.

You will know your customer base better than any web designer, so it’s part of your role to ensure that information is discussed and taken into account during the planning stages. To assist with this, you must first nail down what you are aiming to achieve from your website. An increase in visitors; better conversion rates; more sales of whole sale dropshipping products? Which demographic is likely to help you to fulfil these goals and what design elements are impacted by your target audiences? Determining this can help you incorporate the right kind of content. Every business wants to show itself off to best effect; and there can be a temptation to include a whole plethora of information on your website illustrating how great your company is. That’s fine to an extent, as your audiences need to know they can trust you to deliver on your promises. But also think of it from the user’s perspective. They are here to have specific questions answered. What do they care about? What are their motivations for visiting your website? What, in short, do they need from you? In content terms, therefore, don’t overly focus on who you are but on how being who you are can help them fulfil their requirements.

Knowing this information helps inform the tone of the content included on your website. If your business is B2B, it’s likely that the information posted there will be more technical in nature. If, on the other hand, you’re aiming at selling to a section of the general public, whether that’s young moms or secondary school teachers, you must speak to them in terms they’ll find accessible and engaging. Your target audience also affects navigation. While any web design should be easily navigable to find the required information, knowing what your visitors are most likely to be looking for will help you prioritize what goes on the most prominent pages. Understanding who you are trying to reach will also impact the keywords and phrases you’ll want highlight to drive traffic to your website – the all-important SEO – and the links your web designer will seek to and from other related websites. A technical audience means using industry-specific terminology; less jargon is required for people unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of your products or services. Then, there’s the look and functionality of your website. Again, who you are trying to reach will determine everything from the colors and font you’ll use to the photos and features you include.

A design agency will feature a team of experts that know how to design a website to appeal to particular segments of the market; but you’re the expert on who those people actually are in terms of your business. Working in partnership together, you can create a website that will actively work towards your goals.

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