PEMF wellness technology

PEMF wellness technology

Medications treat diseases, but they do not essentially make a person feel entirely well. In recent years, researchers have started to understand that health and wellness are quite different concepts. Thus, the ultimate goal of any treatment or device should be to make a person feel well and not just focus on treating health conditions.

Wellness does not just mean being free from disease. It is a mental state. It means that a person should feel well mentally, too. Wellness is so vital because not all health conditions are treatable. For example, if a person is living with some severe disability, it may be difficult to treat, but with certain therapies, one may feel better and feel well.

PEMF is one such amazing therapy that helps get rid of disease conditions and makes people achieve wellness. It is because, unlike medications, PEMF does not focus on one body function or area. Instead, it has a much broader effect.

PEMF as a wellness technology

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is not new, but researchers have now explored many unique health benefits of this therapy.

NASA was the first major organization to test the technology extensively. They wanted something safe that helped prevent diseases, boost regenerative processes, and make people feel well. In addition, they wanted something that works in space. And their studies show that PEMF works. It helps provide that hidden secret force needed by people to feel well in space.

However, it can also help people on earth. Some people have altered tissue function due to prolonged stress and illness. Ultimately, they feel tired, depressed, slow in healing processes, physical weakness, and much more.

PEMF is not a US FDA-approved therapy for managing both physical and mental ailments. However, it is approved to boost bone and wound healing. Additionally, it is authorized to manage depression.

Integrating PEMF into a wellness program

PEMF, if not meant to treat diseases, may be included in wellness programs to prevent disorders, improve mood, overcome daily anxiety, and stay relaxed.

PEMF can help to heal and thus could be good for sportspeople. Athletes often use physiotherapy and massage to promote healing, recover faster, and prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). It is also good for promoting healing in sports injuries, sprains, and strains.

Even if one is not living with any injury, it is quite suitable for relieving fatigue and boosting energy levels. Thus, regular PEMF use may help prevent chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and even help reduce fatigue due to day-to-day activities.

Another way in which it improves wellness is due to its ability to counter stress. It can help lower the level of stress hormones like cortisol. This can go a long way in preventing chronic ailments. In addition, it means that regular use of PEMF therapy may help prevent various stress-related disorders, help boost immunity, and much more.

PEMF is US FDA approved for managing emotional distress. Thus, it is especially good for managing anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, these are chronic disorders, and it is highly challenging to manage them with medications. However, studies show that lifestyle interventions and non-pharmacological means may help in these conditions.

Final thoughts

It is unwise to view PEMF as something that is solely for treating some severe physical ailments. Relatively healthy people can use it to prevent chronic diseases. Therefore, PEMF should be a part of any wellness program.

PEMF can help physically active people relax, stay motivated, and recover from sports injuries. In addition, it can help older adults overcome chronic ailments. Even if it does not help, it is an excellent way to feel relaxed, improve mood, and thus enhance the feeling of wellness.If you are more interested in PEMF, you can explore various PEMF devices at healthylineoutlet.

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