How is Artificial Intelligence Improving the SEO?

Artificial Intelligence

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a known word in the digital marketing world. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized almost every area that is affecting our lives. Artificial intelligence has entered our lives swiftly and many of us are not aware. Artificial intelligence has effect on almost every sector like healthcare, finance, the stock market, information technology and many more.

SEO is one such sector that is not an exception. Artificial intelligence applications have left no stone unturned to revolutionize the SEO techniques. Digital marketers who are using artificial intelligence techniques have understood the importance of artificial intelligence and they know what artificial intelligence can achieve in the digital marketing.

SEO is a technique that is used to improve the quantity and quality of traffic over the website. Billions of websites are there over the internet in every domain. SEO is a technique that is used to improve the ranking of the website. Every small and large business website wants recognition by appearing on the first page of the search engine result page. However, only a few are able to come at the first page of the search page. This is the result of good SEO.

The traffic generated from SEO techniques are organic and long-lasting. Various on the page and off page SEO techniques are used to improve the website traffic. These techniques improve the website ranking in the search engine result page.

Let us now discuss how artificial intelligence is improving various SEO techniques.

  • Use SEO Tools/ Software:There are many Artificial intelligence application software that can help you with the search engine optimization. These artificial intelligence software tools enable you to analyse the keywords that are used maximum in searches. It not only help s you to analyse your website but it helps in analysing the website of the competitors also. It can also help in analysing the traffic report of the website. These tools can analyse the weak areas of the website. By improving on the weaker sections, website ranking can be improved.
  • Intent Becomes more Important: With the implementation of artificial intelligence in SEO, the intent behind the keyword becomes more important than the keyword itself. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms are helping search engines to understand the intent better. Gone are the days when just by using the keywords you can get at the top of the search engine result pages. Now searches have become so intelligent that they can understand the meaning of the search. Using the keyword is not enough. Moreover, if you are using the keyword, it show be well placed and well optimized.
  • Target advertising: Artificial intelligence as a service has improved the way how advertising is done. The advertisement is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. If they are used effectively, they have a high return on investment. In earlier days, when advertisements were not focussed, their ROI was not good enough. Digital advertisers were showing ads to the audience in a generalized way. But artificial intelligence services have helped in showing advertisements that are more focused. AI machine learning can understand the likes, interests, and behaviour of the user. Also, artificial intelligence applicationscan tell the digital advertisers that which user has never clicked on the advertisement. By eliminating that user from the list of the target audience can save a lot of budget for the company.
  • Make Website Mobile Friendly: Today, every user is having a smartphone with an internet connection. People are spending hours using their phones. This shows people are using websites on their mobile devices. Businesses should look to make their websites mobile friendly so that they can attract traffic from the mobile devices also. The business website should be user-friendly in the mobile device also. Artificial intelligence applicationshave helped digital marketers to achieve this goal by building responsive websites.
  • Content becomes more important: With the implementation of artificial intelligence services in SEO, the importance of content has increased to manifolds. With the introduction of the RankBrain algorithm, writing good content has become a priority for the digital marketers. Google has ranked good content at the number one spot as a criterion for ranking the websites. SEO is all about good content. Good and fresh content will drive more traffic to your website. Google algorithms have become intelligent enough to understand that you are serving good content to the audience and rank your website higher in the search pages.
  • Voice Searches: It is estimated that voice search will completely overtake the text searches.Natural language processing and deep learning algorithms have made the computer system understand the human language. So, what does this mean? This means digital marketers have to mould their content that is similar to the human conversation. This will help the search engines to find the website easily.


Digital marketers are using SEO techniques exhaustively to improve the ranking of the SEO. But, like any other technique, SEO also needed a revolution. Artificial intelligence service has become an agent of change for the SEO. Traditional SEO techniques are not that effective as Google rolls out its algorithmic updates. So it is important that digital marketers are up to date with the latest Google SERP updates. With the help of artificial intelligence companies, digital marketers are able to unlock the digital marketing potential fully.

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