Find out whether the virtual phone number is required by your company

virtual phone number

Virtual telephony is an innovation that has changed the way business communication was happening. By shifting voice signal transmission on the internet from a copper-wire based system, it has made business communication cost-effective, comprehensive, and compatible with all the leading devices. This change has triggered a sense of affinity towards cloud telephony in the business world.

Developed, developing, and upcoming businesses are not giving a second thought on choosing cloud-based communication methods for their business. If you are wondering whether you need it or not then here are some key points that clear the clouds hovering over.

If you want to save big on running cost then you need it

By using cloud telephony, the virtual phone enables a business to save big on various fronts. For example:

  • As it transmits voice signals over an internet connection, call incurring charges are very low.
  • As it combines work and data line, so you need not pay separately.
  • As it can work over any of your existing data-driven devices, you need not spend on telephony related resources.
  • As it allows the end-user to make affordable international calls, you can save big while conducting operations at a global level.

If you want to have a dedicated business phone line then you need it

It is a very common practice that small business or start-up uses their phone number for business purposes due to lack of high initial investment. Though it occurs naturally in small business ecosystems, doing this leads to too many hassles. You may fail to leave an impression on the callers as no regular phone number comes with professional business features. It also leads to exposure to the various data-stealing risks and threats and no personal phone number comes with an enterprise-level of security encryption.

The biggest advantage of virtual telephony is that it can be easily taken on board without making high-end investments. So, buying an internet phone number is even possible for a start-up. Hence, there is no need to deal with these issues by using the same number for professional and business purposes.

If you want to use unified communication then you need it.

With time, customers have also changed the way they used to communicate with the businesses. Earlier, calls were the easiest and most prominent way to establish customer-business communication. In the wake of technology, customers have started using emails, voicemails, SMS, and live chats to initiate communication with organisations. Handling all these from the different platforms can be very tedious for your team members.

Your virtual office phone system and numbers come with an in-built unified communication support system, You can reply to a customer’s email, get auto voicemail to email transcription, send SMS alerts, arrange a video call session, and even set-up live chatbot support on the business website using virtual telephony. There is no need to juggle between different platforms.

If you want to grow in the future without much of a hassle then you need it

The next step after the successful in-country establishment of every business is to seek global opportunities. Global expansion is a sign of growth and expansion, having said that, it exerts a great financial burden. Plus, setting up a dedicated office and customer support center in any of the foreign lands comes with a whole suite of legal implications. By using the internet phone number, you can set yourself free from any of these tensions.

By using the local phone number of any particular location, you can set-up the remote location customer support center for your booming business. As it can be deployed without much of high initial investments, any business can get ready for exploring the global business arena using cloud telephony.

If you want workflow automation then you need it

With the power of AI, your virtual phone system can automate various menial tasks and improve your team’s productivity. For example, your virtual office phone system can auto-record the calls, gather the in-conversation, create reporting of various operations, and auto-reply to the voicemail.

With auto call answering and call distribution, you won’t need a dedicated receptionist for call handling anymore. Again, the multiple integrations of virtual telephony help a business to bring all the key operations over a single platform and help a business to perform various tasks simultaneously.

For example, by using the in-built CRM integrations of your business VoIP phone service, you can easily gather customer feedback, call analysis, caller details, and much such information while answering customer calls. That means your team needs not to make extra efforts for such a job.

In short, if you want to reduce the human intervention from regular operations, save big on running cost, have hassle-free global expansion, and improve the team‘s productivity then don’t give a second thought to purchase virtual phone system.

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