Tips and Tricks to Make Sure Your Content Stands Out Among the Clutter

Content Stands Out

More than 3 million pieces of contents are published every day online. People find and see hundreds to thousands of content headlines which they choose to click, read and share with everyone else. With so much content pieces going out every day, being noticeable can be quite difficult.

However, as a content marketer, you only have one goal— attract people to read your contents and hope that you can generate a sale. But, how can you do that with millions of other contents fighting for the same goal?

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can dress up your content and make stand out from the rest.

1. Come up with Unique, Eyeball-Turning Headline

When you come up with a title or an idea of your next content would be, chances are there are already articles on the net about that.

So, what do you do? Go for a uniquely-constructed headline that will drive eyeballs in. If possible use numbers which allow readers to know what they are getting into before clicking on the article. You can also use powerful adjectives that evoke emotions.

You can check if your headline is compelling enough using several online headline checker tools such as CoSchedule. These tools can provide you with some insights and suggestions on how you can improve or build your headline ideas.

2. Add Colors

Pique a reader’s interest by using colors to your contents. However, this does not mean that you play and go overboard with your color choices. Just do not use colors that are too subtle or too loud for your audience.

3. Play with types size to cue readers in

Try to use bigger fonts or a drop cap to start a paragraph in order to enhance your content and get attention. Also, try to apply bold or italic on specific words or points in order to emphasize what you wish to show your reader.

4. Social Media is Your Best Friend

So, a reader finally notices your content. However, he found out that there is no way in which he can share your wonderful message to everyone he knows. The result? Your efforts, wasted.

Social Media is Your Best Friend

Avoid that by adding social sharing buttons to your contents. These should allow your reader to share your contents to everyone on their social media accounts.

Also, aside from posting blogs and articles on your site, why not post on social media platforms too? You will have more chances of getting noticed because of the billions of social media users nationwide.

5. Going Visual

Visual content marketing is all the rage these days. From pictures and infographics to funny GIFs and videos, including visuals to your content is crucial in getting people to click on your content.

However, make sure that you incorporate related and quality visuals. Otherwise, the reader might easily click the back button. You can find great stock images from Pixabay, Flickr, Image Source and Startup Stock Photos.

6. Use Interactive Contents

Using interactive content has been made popular by sites like PlayBuzz and BuzzFeed. An interactive content allows the reader to interact via polls or trivia quizzes. This type of content can add another level of engagement to your articles. Not only that, it can be used to collect leads and drive traffic. Thus, it is a great way to make your contents stand out from the crowd since not a lot of sites have started to utilize this technology.

If you do not know how to make this type of content, then try using ContentTools. It is a new product that can help you create many forms of interactive content.

7. Don’t Forget Keywords for SEO

How can you make your contents stand out and attract readers if Google itself does not even notice you?

Keywords for SEO

So, never forget to add SEO strategies like adding keywords to your content so it is useful for both humans and search engines. Remember, though, that you do not overstuff your content with keywords or search engines will mark you as spam and your dream of being noticed out in the crowd will instantly go to the recycle bin.


Now, go and make your content stand out among the clutter by incorporating these tips and tricks that you just learned and watch as your contents hit thousands to ten thousands of views.

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