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Videos are super significant for successful social media strategy. You might have heard this earlier as well. Video content has gained huge popularity among marketers these days, thanks to different social media platforms.

The number of regular videos posted on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube has quadrupled recently. And this is one of the most important reasons why more and more businesses are looking to incorporate videos in their social media marketing strategies.

But there’s a lot that goes into creating top-notch social media videos. To save you from getting a blooper reel and the headache, here are a few effective tips for creating astonishing video content for social media platforms.

Here you go:

1. Try to Be Platform-Conscious

Now, this is something very important. Not all social media platforms operate and offer results in the same way. For instance, a video that works on YouTube might not bring in the same amount of shared likes and comments on Facebook.

That’s because the users on varied social media platforms are completely different. Hence, you need to create videos and tailor them accordingly. First, you must choose the platforms known for engaging the audience.

Remember, there’s no use creating killer videos if you do not post them on the right platforms. Also, keep in mind that platforms such as Facebook have a wide user base. They attract people of varied ages, income levels, and genders. There are other platforms that reach only narrow demographics.

So, consider your target audience and the purpose of your video before posting it on different social media platforms.

2. Size of Your Video Really Matters

This again depends on the platform you have chosen to post your video. The perfect aspect ratio for a video varied from one platform to another. For example, Facebook supports more than five varied video formats.

So, you must know the recommended specifications for your social media platform of choice before posting your video. Try optimising your videos for the space you have chosen.

This will help avoid black bars or stretched images around your visual content. For the ones who do not have much time for video optimization, it is best to go for a 1:1 aspect ratio that usually does the trick. Additionally, you must choose the square video format instead of the landscape mode because square videos take up more real estate on the different social media platforms.

3. Make Your Video Pop

This is an era of never-ending scrolls. There’s a lot of scrolling going on on all the social media platforms. And people tend to stop only when they get hold of something that draws their attention instantly.

Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that your visual matter is not just interesting and informative but even eye-catching and exactly to the point. You can even add branded, cohesive animations all throughout the video to keep the audience engaged.

Using the right video editor will help you in creating stunning videos. That’s because professional-quality video editing tools come with filters, effects, overlays, and transitions that can help users enrich their videos’ quality. 

4. Take Time into Consideration

The attention span of people is very short these days. To be very specific, human beings have an attention span of just eight seconds. So, you need to ensure your video catches the audience’s attention within these eight seconds.

You must aim to keep the viewers engaged from the beginning until the end. This might be tough, but it’s not impossible. Keep your social media videos sweet and short. The best is to stick to the 60-second time limit if possible.

Shorter videos finish easily, and they even take up very little data. Thus, they are perfect for mobile viewers. Just because you need to keep your videos short does not mean that long-form videos are just out of the scene.

No, they are not. Even lengthier visuals can make their mark, but only if they are informative enough. And yes, they will work on platforms like Facebook, where videos more than 90 seconds in length get more shares and views.

5. Offer Value to the Audience

Even before starting with the shooting of your video, you must aim at offering value to your audience through your videos. You must consider whether your target audience will even care about your video post.

If you are unsure about the answer, then the chances are that the video will not provide value. Thus, it will not help in increasing your social media engagement rating. Valuable social media marketing videos are the ones that entertain the audience, help them solve a certain problem, and train or educate them.

Does your video do any of these things? Ponder on this point. Is it funny? Or is it offering some kind of information to the audience? Understand the purpose of your video before recording it. This will help you in saving both time and effort.

6. Add Captions

This might seem a little odd but adding subtitles or captions is very effective these days. This is because the audiences of the present times are used to watching videos in public places with sound off.

In that case, if your videos do not have subtitles, they might lose the audience. Platforms like Facebook automatically add captions to videos, but these captions are not always 100% accurate.

Therefore, you must work on the captions beforehand to make things easier for the audience and convey your business message as intended.

The Bottom Line

Now, this might seem very obvious- when making social media videos, aim at delivering quality content. Always make your videos worth it. Provide value in a way that catches the attention of the audience and forces them to consider you as their next buying option.

And yes, seal the deal with a killer CTA!

Social media videos will convert and bring in loyal customers, but only when they are beneficial to the audiences. So, start making and posting the videos on social media.

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