How To Make It Big On YouTube?

YouTube Business

What vital piece of information or tools do you need to make it big on YouTube? For starts, you need an internet service provider like HughesNet español or HughesNet Internet so that you may not face long waiting times for your video content to upload. Secondly, you need to know of some basic YouTube hacks that help you out in the long run.

Make connections that begin at certain periods

There are times when skipping an opener, prelude, or just jumping to relevant footage is important. Try this YouTube trick if you want to share a link to a video that starts at a specified time. So here is how you can do this

  • Select the button share
  • Click the start at the box
  • Adjust the time accordingly
  • Copy the link

Check the transcript of the video

 Every video that is uploaded to YouTube generates a transcript automatically. Due to these features videos become more accessible not only this copying is easier too. 

  • So this is how to look for the transcript of the video
  • Select the three-dot ellipse it is located right beside the save option
  • And now select the transcript option

Make a custom YouTube URL for your business

Remove the unmemorable string of letters and numbers from your YouTube channel and replace it with a customized URL. For creating a URL there are few criteria to be met. For instance, you should at least have 100 subscribers there must be a channel icon and channel art to generate a custom slug moreover, the channel should be at least made 30 days ago. 

So here we are going to mention some ways by which you can assure that the accomplishment of the task:

  • Select the profile image option on the upper right corner, click your profile image.
  • And then click View advanced settings under Your YouTube Channel. Select the ” Channel setting” in the drop-down menu. A personalized URL is available to you.
  • Closed captions can help with accessibility and SEO.

Closed captions or subtitles extend the reach of your work to a wider audience. This covers those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as those who are watching the video without sound. As a bonus, your video’s search engine optimization rating will rise as well. There are two approaches to this. You may either submit a transcript file or make subtitles or closed captions on YouTube. The latter is recommended since you may save the file as you go and keep it as a backup in case the movie is accidentally erased. You won’t be able to modify what appears in the grey box, so you’ll have to add characters or numbers to make it unique.

First, you need to accept the custom URL terms and services and then you have to select the option on ” Change URL” 

Options by which you can create closed captions and subtitles

  • For that, you need to login into your YouTube studio.
  • Select Subtitles from the left menu.
  • To modify a video, first, choose it.
  • Select your language by clicking Add Language.
  • Select Add from the Subtitles menu.
  • As the video plays, type in your subtitles.

How you can add a transcript to your tube account

  • For that well you have to create or login into YouTube studio
  • Select Videos from the left menu.
  • A video’s title or thumbnail can be accessed by clicking on it.
  • Choose from a variety of choices.
  • Select Upload subtitles/cc from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose from two options: with or without time. Continue is the option.
  • Please upload your document.
  • Select the Save option.­


YouTube is one of the best applications so far and it could be great use to earn if you know how to use it properly. There are many tips and tricks to use Youtube other than mentioned above. You can easily find them online.

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