How to choose the right way if you are a newbie blogger?

newbie blogger

When “Pyra Labs” created the platform form blogging “” they didn’t know that this one will transform from just a hobby to a good way to earn money. Today, millions of people have their own blog or follow some new updates of the favorite ones. Thus, it is a much propagated way of internet activity. I’ve read a lot of interesting guides for future bloggers but one part if too difficult to understand, another part is literally useless. I collected a couple of really useful pieces of advice and wanted to share them with you.

  • In order to become a really good blogger, you need to develop your writing skills. First of all, you need to start writing just some essay in order to exercise. This is the simplest way to develop your writing skills. Choose some interesting topic you are acquainted with and write at least five-hundred-word essay. Don’t be afraid of failure. Writing skills is not something that can be easy obtained. This is a hard work and even two hours a day won’t be enough. Read more interesting literature. For example, your favorite novels and memorize the most sophisticated words that might be useful for your writing. This will make your essays more complex and thus your readers will be excited about them. If you don’t know how to memorize words quickly, I can advise you one simple method. Take empty cards and write a word you want to learn on one side and its definition on another side. Pick a card read the definition and try to find out what word is covered on the other side.Let me explain why it is extremely necessary. As far as you know there are millions of blogs on the internet and how do you want to be special among all this variety. Only your writing skills and a topic of your blog will take your right to the top.
  • An advertisement is the best way for you to gain new followers. You need to invest in your blog in order to be seen among all these websites. There are a lot of paid services that will propagate your blog on the internet or you can pay a certain amount of money to a famous blogger with at least ten thousand readers so he or she could place your advertisement or your guest post on the website. This step is necessary only if you are going to the top of the google very fast without extra efforts. You might be a really good writer telling about various crucial questions that should be discussed but if you don’t advertise your blog, people will never find out about you.
  • It is important to choose the direction before start working. There are plenty of platforms such as beauty blogs, personal diaries, books with recipes, sport and health, psychological help, fan page etc. The choice is up to you since every direction has its own followers and you will get ones if you will be interesting enough. Having chosen a topic, write about three or four posts in order to be sure that when your first posts will gain popularity “crisis of white sheet of paper” won’t hunt you down. The way up is rather fast but nevertheless, the way down is rapid as well. You should respect your readers and make posts regularly.
  • Having gained your own audience you need your own website. This is a sign of your independence and on this stage, you can start earning money but first of all, you need to make sure that your website is of the highest quality. Unfortunately, these are additional charges but even if your posts are well-elaborated and very interesting, it won’t be a great pleasure to read them on the WordPress-pattern page. The good-looking website also shows the reader that this is not just your evening hobby, but the occupation you take seriously.
  • There is no doubt that your posts will be discussed by your readers and it would be better to filter your comments and get rid of so-called haters that will try to argue with other readers and your blog will become a battleground. Don’t let spammers pass through and delete their comments since they will try to make money by means of your blog for free. It is a great problem today because many companies exercise such way of advertisement. Don’t forget to respond your followers’ comments, answer all the questions and appreciate their positive reviews. You will only benefit from the direct communication with your readers.

Though blogging is very developed platform it is rather difficult to gain popularity on the internet due to the great number of blogs. This list is not a 100% guarantee of your success but this is a little step that you must take to make your dream come true. Thank you for your attention and I hope this essay will be useful for you.

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