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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is accepted widely across the globe for its efficiency. In the case of a business website, there is a chance of the site having a chat box. This is not an ordinary interface, but a bot (machine) drives it. Chatbots are usually the bot managed chat box, which gives out appropriate results for the user. E-Commerce sites benefit largely from this technology, which has led Magento to invest a productive idea for the same.

How Chatbot Brings a New Change to Your Site?

Chatbots promises to show a change in the way a business site behaves. This shows out templates of possible queries, which is frequently asked and gives out an appropriate solution. Many say about these being an interactive F.A.Q segment, but the reality of these chatbots are way more progressive. Some e-commerce sites use the Chatbots as a temporary customer care unit. Some sites use them as a Virtual Assistant, while some use them just for searching an appropriate content. A recent study indicates that 59% of e-commerce businesses have adopted chatbots by January 2018. These chatbots are driven with a great adaptation of prediction and appropriate solutions.

Some of the top computer-based companies in the world, right from Apple, Windows, Google, Amazon, and many others have adopted this form of AI in their website. If you observe, Apple has Siri, Google uses Hey Google, Windows has Cortana and Amazon has Alexa. All of these bots have improved the business’s usability by a large margin. By 2021, 77% of retailers plan to invest in AI.

Magento’s Promise to Improve Your Business

Magento is a CMS website, which has opened up prospects of hosting numerous e-commerce businesses. With a huge market share of around 19%, Magento holds a great reputation to lose without innovation. Artificial Intelligence, with its growth, has allowed Magento to incorporate numerous technical innovations. Thus, a site will require the Magento development services to create Magento powered chatbots.

Chatbots have reduced typing process largely. The questions incorporated with these bots are mostly found with appropriate templates. For a site with massive contents, these chatbots give out solutions in a drop of a hat. Alexa, being one of the more popular chatbots in Amazon, does an impressive work in providing site-related solutions.

Botgento: The Powerful Tool for Business Gains

Magento understands the need for artificial intelligence to survive in this fast-changing industry. This is a great reason, why they have collaborated with the Facebook messenger to give out Botgento. Numerous companies have adopted the means, and large chunks of sites are planning to do the same by 2021.

  • Botgento is a mixture of Magento with the Facebook messenger, which will give out an advanced mixture of a shopping interface. Statistically, Facebook has a user range of over 1.2 billion, alongside having 80 % open rates. Magento, on the other hand, has a great outreach in E-Commerce sites of the industry. While their combination has given Botgento, which is exclusively built for Magento users, allows business transactions from the client’s end, extremely viable.
  • Easy to View: The interface-based plugin allows a Facebook page of the business in Magento, see an interactive way to purchase products. Facebook messenger app contains easy to view system, which allows easy searching interface. All an end user requires is to simply type their desired product from the website, the list containing the product will appear immediately. Thus, Magento with its advanced search engine options gives out the result in the chat interface.
  • Active Business to Contemplate:  Thanks to the bot, over 30,000 different business sites have incorporated the technology into their site. This is a large number, considering how fast the technology is growing.
  • Menu Customizing Interface: For a customer availing the chatbot, will give them a list of customizable list of menus. These menus will appear on single tap and can be modified at any given time from the site’s end.
  • Adding Cart: Cart is an important entity of any e-commerce site. This platform allows a person to add the number of products in quantities and pieces. At the end of the shopping spree, they can easily redirect themselves to payment options on a single click.
  • Order Tracking: An e-commerce site is never complete without the option to track the consignment. The entire product-related tracking and the delivery progress is shown in the Magento powered Chatbot interface.
  • Advertising Offers: While using Botgento, it is a bonus for the site owner to use them as an advertising medium. Thus, for a business, they can give away frequent offers and products, in accordance to the end user’s previous search or purchase trends.
  • Performance Analysis: The owner of the site can open up the analytics and reports page, which will give out the performance of the bots with respect to the queries. The data contains complete insights on purchases, and customer based feedbacks from time to time. Usually, the trend of the chatbots is growing fast and is giving out positive results for businesses.
  • Customer Care Cell: Botgento provides the owners an option to make them work as a unit of customer care cell. With the cell, it is possible to quote some of the commonly asked questions and their solutions.

Artificial Intelligence: Making Trade Possibilities with Chatbots   

Artificial Intelligence is the brain of the latest Magento development powered product. With the technology taking over the world by storm, chatbots are the latest development. While hosting e-commerce website frequent challenges come in and out, this can easily be resolved. With technologies like Botgento working, it is easier to address the issues, which is customizable from the client’s end. This will improve the business standards and assure great revenue for the owners. The day is not far, where an improvised version of Botgento appears to take over regular search options.

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