Why Magento will be the leading choice for eCommerce in 2019?


Top Magento Features you’ll get with latest upgrade

Among the lots of E-commerce platforms, Magento has become more popular than its contemporaries have. Online merchants prefer Magento over any other platform to launch their business on the internet. Its Shopping cart system, as well as control over look, content, and functionality, has given Magento an upper hand in the E-commerce market.

Magento features of the new version are enhancing the control over their online store as well as online business sales for online merchants.

The e-commerce market is growing day by day and online merchants are adapting to its changes. Magento has arrived with a new version Magento 2.2.2 while yet another upgrade is set to be released in near future to aid E-commerce platform.

What’s New in Magento 2.2.2:

New Magento version facilitates online merchants by giving them more flexibility and control over their store. Additionally, they can reach to more customers and get good sales growth. These new Magento features provide the merchants with improved insight in online marketing and smooth-running experience to customers.

Magento 2.2.2 update includes:

  • Instant purchase check-out
  • Magento functional testing framework
  • Dot mailer bundling
  • Magento shipping
  • Advanced reporting

Magento 2 is a combination of an advanced technology such as HTML5 and improved CSS preprocessor. So, the Magento Development Company has left no stone unturned to improve user experience and scalability.

To get a clear picture let’s discuss Magento features thoroughly.

  • Increased efficiency and dexterity:

Magento 2 has increased productivity because of its elegant admin panel. The users can manage their routine activities while interacting with clients. Provision of important business tools gives the user access to critical information priority wise. Moreover, it also increases importing goods quickly, which in turn elevate productivity.

  • Performance improvement and Enterprise scalability:

Online shopping is an astounding experience for everyone. Magento 2 facilitates customer by increasing the conversion rate and provide a vast user experience. Magento web developer can cache the full page content for higher SEO ranking with quicker response time for websites.

  • Smoother check-out:

Magento 2 features provide easy payment methods and take less time so that customer can focus more on exploring and buying items. Consequently, Magento decreases the cart abandonment rate.

  • Payment Gateway:

Magento 2 has secure payment gateway integration with Paypal, Autorize.net, and Braintree for the online merchant to accept the payment online. By having these gateways you have a secure store.  Payment on account is the new feature introduced by Magento. In which, you can set a limit for minimum and maximum order amount that allows credit as a payment method.

  • Better fraud protection:

A new feature called Signifyd in Magento checks whether the customer is genuine or fraud as soon as the order is placed. With this integration, Magento has become the first platform to protect the store from fraud attacks and many other scams.

  • Advanced reporting:

A new feature of Magento gives access to use a suite of dynamic reports based on your product, order and customer data with the customized dashboard.

Magento 2 comes with two editions. Community Edition and Enterprise Edition, both have their unique features. Speaking about CE, it is a free version. If you want to start a new company and you don’t have enough financial resources, you can go with Magento 2 CE, provided that you hire Magento web developers who have a good authority on Magento. But if you can afford the Magento 2 EE version then you should go for it. It provides you with many new unique Magento features in addition to all the features of CE.

Magento 2 Community Edition features:

  • Better Catalog Management
  • Improved SEO
  • Enhanced developer experience
  • Mobile E-commerce
  • Check-out, Payment, and Shipping
  • Better performance: Improved indexing, Cache, Cart.
  • Marketing, Promotions, and Conversion tools
  • International Support
  • Mass Technology Stack Update

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition features:

Magento 2 EE includes all the common features of Magento 2 CE. Besides that, here are some additional Magento EE features.

  • Content Management System
  • Gifting Options
  • Multiple Wishlists
  • New B2B Functionality
  • Better Fraud Protection
  • Back-up and Rollback
  • Customer Segmentation, Targeted Promotion, & Merchandising
  • Configurable Order Tracking Widget
  • Automated E-Mail Marketing Reminder


To recapitulate, Introduction of a New Magento version and its salient features streamline the customer experience and help the online merchant to increase their online sale. More importantly, The Magento 2 has brought easier and quick online management at admin side for E-commerce businesses. We hope above mentioned Magento features can be useful to you in selecting which platform to choose for your E-commerce business.

To increase the traffic on your E-commerce store you should hire a good Magento developer  who can help you in updating your online store.

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