3 Brand Marketing Trends in 2024 That You Can Use for Your Business

Brand Marketing Trends

Are you struggling to keep your business afloat? Racking your brains about how to market your products or services? Thinking of ways on how to best put your brand in the best light? Then worry not as there are new brand marketing trends that can infuse new life into your flagging brand or business.

What’s “in” this 2024?

Change is constant. This popular adage has been coined for a reason, and that reason stands to this day. The truth that change is an ever-shifting phenomenon also applies to brands and businesses.

Times change, lifestyles change, and people change. With these changes, products, services, and offers must also change to keep up with the ever-evolving tastes and beliefs of each business’ target audience.

When you find yourself besieged with worries regarding your brand, you would likely scramble to think of ways on how to revive and revitalise it. The best way, of course, is to avail yourself of the services of a branding agency in Dubai, for example, or wherever you are based.

Brand specialists have the experience and expertise to guide you along the whole brand journey – from brand strategy, design, storytelling to experiential activities, to name a few.

There are various ways of executing branding efforts to elevate a brand. For 2024, here are some brand marketing efforts that you can consider: 

1. Experience Speaks

Brand experience continues to take the marketing world by storm. Instead of pushing products or services towards customers, companies are investing in strategies of pulling their target audience through experiential branding activities.

The market is now utilizing both physical and virtual mediums to offer their target customers “experiences” that will hook them in and elicit a favorable reaction to their brand.

From creative pop-up stores and enticing online experiences to malls offering personalized services like chauffeured shopping (VVIPs gets driven around luxury boutiques in a golf cart), bespoke tailoring, and personal stylists, businesses are amplifying their efforts to give customers a taste of what to expect from their brand.

Car companies offering test drives, pastry shops offering free tastes, or food delivery apps giving away freebies for first-time customers are also examples of trying to lure customers by enticing them with samples of their products or services.

2. Taking a Stand

Businesses have become increasingly cognizant of their customers’ desire to purchase from brands that take a stand. Younger customers, especially, are keener on buying from brands that take a position on social, political or environmental issues such as gender parity, racial discrimination, or sustainability, to name a few.

In the 2018 Earned Brand Report, 64 percent of consumers worldwide are reported to be belief-driven buyers. They are the ones who purchase based on a brand’s position on issues in the local or even global community. Those who have firm beliefs on certain issues can be turned off by a company’s inability to take a stand, or one that promotes something that the consumer is not agreeable with.

When choosing to take a stand, make sure that your brand genuinely believes in it or espouses it. Some companies who have launched campaigns for the sake of being on trend failed since they were telling inauthentic stories that did not resonate with their intended audience.

3. The Power of Influence

The power of Influencers is still an ongoing trend with ones as young as eight years of age swaying followers’ decisions on which toy to buy (think Ryan of Ryan’s Toys on YouTube). With the plethora of digital platforms that these influencers are using, it is no wonder that they easily reach a lot of people.

Companies who want their brand known and followed have hitched themselves to the influencer’s bandwagon. They have become aware of the extensive reach of these influencers and have made them their own brand influencers.

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes – young, old, celebrities or “regular” people. Companies tap them to endorse their products or services to share their brand stories and engage their specific audience to patronize the brands they promote.

Tailored for You

While these trends are all fine and dandy on paper, you also have to make sure that you carefully choose which ones best suit your brand. You would do well if you have a professional brand agency that can guide you on which brand marketing effort will work best for your business.

You have to remember that there should still be rhyme and reason for every branding activity that you do. It must be coherent and consistent with your brand vision and mission, and aligned with your business goals.

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