Best Equipment Rental Software Solutions in 2022

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The equipment rental industry is expanding rapidly with an expected market share of $122 billion in the year 2024. The ongoing construction projects and continuation of those halted during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns are one of the few reasons driving this growth. To step in the industry, interested entrepreneurs can launch their own online equipment rental store and get access to broader markets. 

What Is Equipment Rental Business Software?

An equipment rental software refers to ready-made solutions that help in launching an online construction equipment business. These solutions come with well-planned workflows that streamline online rental operations and assist entrepreneurs overcome various day to day challenges. 

Features To Look in Equipment Rental Software

The following features are important in an equipment rental software:

  • Rental security management
  • Booking calendar
  • Late return charges
  • Late cancellation charges
  • Insurance add-on

What Are the Top-rated Construction Equipment Rental Software Solutions in 2022?


Yo!Rent is a leading equipment rental software solution that comes with rent-centric features like rental security management, booking calendar, late return/cancellation charges, custom rental add-ons, document verification, agreement management, product inspection and more. Yo!Rent is also fully customizable and fully scalable to support startup to enterprise level business growth all at a one-time license cost. 


ShareTribe is a SaaS based eCommerce solution that supports the rental business model to conduct seamless equipment rental operations. It has pre-integrated features like booking calendar, scheduling, location based search, messaging, rent plus sell and more. The Flex version of ShareTribe is also fully customizable. 


HireHop is another renowned equipment rental software that helps entrepreneurs manage their online infrastructure and handle inventory. In terms of features, it comes with a booking calendar, themes, reporting and multi-currency support. Entrepreneurs need to pay extra for any additional admin-user. 


Booqable is a SaaS rental management and storefront software that comes with an easy-to-use interface. For conducting smooth online rental operations, it has been developed with features like product availability, bulk inventory, product bundling, calendar view, pricing structures and more. In terms of scalability, the number of staff users is limited. 

Notice: While all these software may provide the technology to set up your online marketplace/storefront, other factors such as market knowledge, business models, trends and insights will be required to do a successful business launch. You can find complete information about these in this Equipment Rental Business Guide.


Arcadier is a powerful eCommerce solution that can be used to launch an equipment rental marketplace. It comes with features like communication module, social login, price negotiation, ratings and reviews and more. Arcadier is also a scalable platform with its Enterprise version, otherwise, users and listings are limited on smaller packages.

Point of Rental

Point of Rental offers a wide range of eCommerce solutions. It’s heavy equipment rental solution is refined to support complex online equipment rental operations. With impressive features like customizable checklists, servicing/repair orders, photo verification and real-time updates, Point of Rental assists entrepreneurs in conducting smooth business operations.


EzRentOut is an equipment rental software emphasizing on reducing spreadsheets and paperwork for entrepreneurs with the help of automation. It comes with features like booking calendar, order management, easy invoicing, equipment tracking, etc. As EzRentOut is also a SaaS solution it comes with limited scalability and entrepreneurs need to pay extra for adding more admin users.


InTempo is a reliable equipment rental software for entrepreneurs with growth aspects. To simplify online rental operations, it has features like order scheduling, order dispatch, maintenance, accounting and more. The scalability of the software is not yet disclosed. 

Alert Rental

Alert Rental is an inventory rental software that provides rental support for heavy equipment and aerial equipment. It comes with a plethora of useful features including commission management, remote asset management, job costing and work orders. Alert Rental is also a highly scalable rental platform that can be used at enterprise level as well. 

SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory is a rental equipment management software that has all basic features like booking calendar and order management to start an equipment rental store. It is a SaaS based software with 2 admin users provided in its base package.


Out of all the aforementioned equipment rental software solutions, you can select the one that suits your requirements the best. However, just this list alone is not enough to decide the most appropriate solution. For that purpose, we recommend contacting the sales teams of these solutions, get a quote, a demo and find out how their software can help you.

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