6 apps that will improve your work-life balance

work-life balance

Do you ever stop to think just how many apps you use daily? Sometimes we forget how important smartphones and apps have become in our lives. In 2017 alone, 178.1 billion apps were downloaded.  This number is expected to increase to 258.2 billion. According to a study, an average smartphone user used nine apps daily and over 30 apps every month.

While you might only see apps as a way to pass your free time (in the form of gaming apps) or a way to connect with the world (via apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat), you can realize more benefit from apps if you are looking for the right ones. There are apps to invest too, that can help you learn the basics of trading.

One benefit you can achieve from them is improving your work-life balance. According to a survey conducted by Gallop, 53% of the respondents agreed that achieving a work-life balance is very important to them. While generally, you expect an organization to foster an environment which helps in achieving this balance, you must play an active role in attaining it too.

Here are some apps that can help you do so.

1. Hookt


This AirG spam app makes sure that you don’t waste your time talking to fake numbers. When you are at your home, you don’t want to take unnecessary calls. However, there are some calls and messages that you can’t miss.

When you add spam calls into the mix, you might end up spending a lot of your time in dealing with calls rather than spending time working or with your family. Remember, there are only so many hours in a day. Hookt is an excellent app to combat this issue. It lets you block any contact you think is wasting your time. This is bound to help in increasing your productivity at work. Also, it will ensure that you get more time with your family, once you are home.

2. Timeneye

The first step to improving your work-life balance is identifying what you are doing wrong. Are you productive enough? If not, what is it that you can change?

Time tracking app can allow you to gauge your daily activities and decide which aspect of your schedule needs your attention. Timeneye is an excellent app for this. The interface of the app is straightforward, making sure you can easily use it. All you need to do is sync the app with other software like Google Calendar, Trello, or Basecamp and track how much time you send on various tasks and hobbies.

The app works on its own, observing your habits and suggesting time entries. This will allow you to manage your time better and hence increase productivity at work. Therefore, you will have more time to spare for your home.

3. Zapier

Sometimes you don’t even realize how often you indulge in repetitive tasks. These daily tasks are a burden on your already time-compressed lifestyles. Zapier is an app that combats this issue. It allows you to save time and invest them in something meaningful rather than everyday mundane tasks.

It delivers this by syncing with your most used apps and automating your workflow. It connects with over 750 apps and does all of your repetitive tasks in the background so that you have time to get your work done. Since the app is very easy to use and has a free package as well, it has been widely popular among the masses.

4. InstaCart


Would you instead spend time with your family or do grocery shopping? We are hoping most of you choose the former. InstaCart is a great app to do both. It allows you to order your grocery items online. Someone from the team will then deliver your order at your doorstep. This eliminates the travel and shopping time. Now, you don’t have to waste time trying to find the item you want. Instead, you can go home directly from work and be with your loved ones while InstaCart takes care of your grocery needs.

5. Headspace


Improving your work-life balance is more than just spending enough time at home. Instead, it is also about achieving mental stability and happiness. The quality of your work, as well as your home life, depends on this. This is where Headspace can come in handy. This is a meditation app that offers different courses on categories including health, relationships, and health. The best thing about Headspace is that it delivers small sessions as well to make sure you can use the app even with hectic work life.  While there is a free trial version, you will eventually have to pay the price to use its services.

6. Way of Life

Sometimes bad habits come in the way of a healthy work-life balance. When we say bad habits, we don’t necessarily mean habits like smoking or drinking. Something as trivial as excessive procrastination or spending too much time on the internet can also be categorized as a bad habit.

The Way of Life is an app that helps you in keeping track of your bad habits. You can set positive goals for every day and track your progress. The app reports back to you with your progress displayed in the form of trend lines and bar charts. To make sure you achieve your goals, daily reminders are sent to you. There is a diary function in the app as well, which helps in taking notes about anything that you feel triggered your bad habit. The simple interface of the application along with the overwhelmingly positive reviews make it an attractive app to have.


Use these six apps to improve your work-life balance. Don’t just expect your organization to do it for you. Remember, flexible timings and easy to manage workload don’t always improve your work-life balance. Sometimes the problem is within us. With our routines, time management or hobbies. Download apps that help you keep your problematic habits at bay and better utilize time.

You deserve the emotional well-being that comes with a healthy work-life balance. Do whatever it takes to achieve it. And if it means downloading a few apps, then go for it!

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