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Apple has finally released the much-anticipated MagSafe battery pack with the iPhone 12 line. While there are multiple third-party battery packs available in the market, Anker’s battery pack is probably one of the most reliable ones. In this article, we’ll look at both chargers side by side to determine if the MagSafe battery pack is worth getting.

Which one is better?

iPhone devices are not known for their long-lasting battery even with normal use hence having a backup battery pack on the go is vital. One of the advantages of MagSafe is that you won’t need to charge your iPhone with a wire. You’ll want to go with a real external battery that you’ll connect your iPhone into if you want the biggest external battery you can locate.

Pricing is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a MagSafe battery pack. The Charge Fast and the Anker versions are both around $50. The price of Apple’s MagSafe battery is $99, so that’s a good incentive to seek elsewhere right now.

The iPhone integration is the second factor to consider. There is a widget on the Apple MagSafe battery that shows the battery’s current charge. None of the third-party choices can provide it, for obvious reasons. Now, its up to you to decide if that feature is something you’ll pay $50 extra for.

The MagSafe battery’s capacity is where the issues arise. The Apple MagSafe battery has a capacity of 11.13Wh, whereas the Anker variant has a capacity of 18.5Wh. So, for twice the price, you’re receiving a battery with far less capacity. Additionally, in terms of physical dimensions, both battery packs are compatible. Both the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will fit in them. The underside of Apple’s battery case is somewhat softer than Anker’s, but you won’t feel the difference if you’re wearing a case.

The Final Verdict

In all honesty, we believe that users will be better off with Anker’s battery pack. We can’t suggest it over the Anker model unless you want to charge with a lightning connection and enjoy the iPhone battery widget integration. So, if you only have $100 to spend, purchase two of them. It could have been a different situation if this device had launched concurrently with the iPhone 12 without any competition, it is worth mentioning that the most important thing in a battery pack is the charging power hence Anker is the way to go.

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