Adsense Between WordPress Post

Adsense Between Wordpress

When you create a website the first thing will come to your mind is Adsense. And the best way to show it between the post. Using WordPress plugin you can randomly add Adsense Between WordPress post.

Generally, placing Adsense randomly in between a post is a good way to experiment a multiple ads formats & placements besides optimizing Adsense code. If you have regular visitors who frequently revisit your website, the randomization ads will likely catch their attention.

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Basically adding Adsense between posts has the advantage to avoid ad blindness. You can add Adsense using core files if you have in depth knowledge of development but for a non developer they can use WordPress plugin.

Using Quick Adsense plugin you can add Adsense code anywhere in your post. Sometimes if you want to hide Adsense for some posts then you can do this using this plugin.

This offers much quicker & flexible way to add Adsense or any Ads code in between a blog post.


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