Lower your bounce rate with attractive landing page

Lower your bounce rate

A simple and easy way to colorful your website landing page that attracts people and low down your website bounce rate i.e. lower your bounce rate.

Basically landing page means the first page of the website where users come and if they like they can go or other links.

Bounce rate means after coming to the website users leave the site without clicking the any other links.

High bounce rate means user does not like the first page of the website and return back without clicking on any links. So this is a great loss for any website.

If website design is very poor then people can loose interest in visiting the website and they will not return back to your website again. So poor design is equivalent to bounce rate.

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Quality of content is very much essential to return back users on the next day again. If users are satisfied with the first content of the website then they can easily browse for the next article.

Another thing of lower your bounce rate is that if there are irrelevant keywords that does not matched with your website content then users will be unsatisfied and that will prevent them from coming back again.

Few things you need to improve:

  • Improve content’s readability
  • Try to avoid popups
  • Telling brand story
  • Keep your blog clean
  • Target high-value traffic keywords
  • Page load time

Thus using a attractive landing page that attracts people, can reduce your website bounce rate. It helps site visitors to find the actual content on the website.

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