A Guide To Picking The Purrfect Cat Enclosure

Cat Enclosure

As of 2020, nearly 2.7 million households across Down Under have a feline friend. Are you one of them? If yes, you’ve probably come across the concept of cat enclosures. But what exactly are they?

A cat enclosure is a structure designed specifically to protect your cats without compromising on their essential freedoms. Given the multi-pronged benefits they bring to the table, these catios (as they are called) have become quite the hit.

If you are planning to join the bandwagon as well, we have a guide you should look at.

The 5 Things that Make Catios Pawsome

There are many boxes that an ideal enclosure will need to check, from the type, the make, the position to the material.

The Make

To begin with, you need to take a call about the catio’s make. For a hassle-free experience, you can always visit a pet store and pick a readymade enclosure for your cat. If customization is your priority, you can hire a professional to build one from scratch.

Are you a seasoned DIYer? There are umpteen tutorials you can watch to construct a brand new catio for your cat, all by yourself.

The Type

There are a plethora of cat enclosures out there, like window, balcony, portable, and porch ones. While choosing one, it would help to consider the location closely.

For instance, if your cat is used to spending most of its time gazing at your backyard, a window catio would make the most sense. Similarly, your cat would benefit from a portable catio if it is used to accompanying you on outdoor trips.

The Size

It is essential to pick a catio of the right size, as otherwise, your cat will find it very difficult to move around. Always look for an enclosure that is big enough to accommodate your pet comfortably while leaving enough room for it to walk around.

The Material

Not all pet enclosures look like metal cages from the movies. You can have an enclosure made of wood, aluminium, or even PVC for an aesthetic appeal.

While readymade catios don’t come with great flexibility, you can go all out and mix up the materials to build an enclosure yourself.

The Cost

The cost of cat enclosures will vary extensively, depending on the materials used, the type, make size, and so on.

While you need not pay a fortune to acquire one, you should also steer clear of the ones being sold at ‘too good to be true prices. It is crucial to arrive at a middle ground in this regard.

The Quality

To determine the quality of a cat enclosure, you can follow the D-S-S principle. Here’s how it goes:

  • Durability: The catio should be sturdy enough to last long and endure external factors, like inclement weather conditions.
  • Shelter: The enclosure should be able to protect your cat from rain, excess heat and provide sufficient comfort.
  • Safety: An excellent enclosure can prevent your cat from getting into trouble.

To buy or to not buy a catio? You can sweep all your apprehensions under the rug, as the benefits of a cat enclosure– guaranteed safety, improved behaviour, regulated eating habits, etc. – make it worth every dollar you spend. Apart from the six factors discussed above, you can also think about the maintenance required for the enclosure.

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