Everything You Need to Know About Emerging Technologies in Data Storage

Even the least IT savvy business owner knows that technology moves fast. The digital world is constantly improving, driven by a myriad of software and hardware producers that are all in competition with one another. If you can’t discern the necessary upgrades from the advertised (but unessential) ones then you could quickly pour a fortune […]

Newest Digital Trends That Are Transforming Marketing In 2018

This article takes the deep look on few significant trends of the year that has transformed the marketing. These new trends closely help in showing up the new opportunities to innovate the marketing with new ideas and strategies. No marketing strategy is new, however big data and analytics, automation in marketing, content marketing or Email […]

Wearable Technology: Solution for all our personal safety needs

Individuals have never felt safe anywhere in the globe because of various incidents that happen, wherein their personal safety has been threatened. Technology has advanced and personal safety is something that really needs to be looked at. A person feels disappointed when they cannot call for help amidst a serious situation. Mobile has changed the […]