8 Top Collaboration Tools For Agile Design And Development Teams

Agile teams are the future of corporate teamwork. They are modeled on agile methodology wherein a team manages projects by breaking them into multiple stages. This not only ensures perpetual communication with team members, but also allows constant iterations to improve performance.  In other words, agile teams are typically cross-functional where each member is expected […]

3 Ways of Improving Job Satisfaction and Employee Morale With Staffing Database Software

There are few things worse for employee morale than repetitive tasks and consistently uninspiring work. The more often employees are required to perform things like data entry and other menial tasks that do not adequately utilize their talents, the less motivated they are likely to feel. As a result, their productivity may suffer. Most employees […]

A journey from DevOps to DevSecOps model – Know why it is essential to make this move

Many teams tasked with software projects are taking steps to move towards the DevOps model because of the inherent advantages that come with it. In the DevOps model, the Dev and Ops teams work in close collaboration. The  IT industry is recognizing that cybersecurity threats are alarming, and it is time to take action. With […]

Retail Insights: 5 Reasons To Monitor and Measure Footfall Data

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the retail sector, an industry already fraught with significant challenges. With consumers taking precautionary measures like social distancing, many retailers are seeing traditional shopping and spending habits waning. And while the crisis hasn’t fully abated, retailers can quickly adapt to the new normal by investing in the right technology. […]

How an On-demand Grocery Delivery App enables Your Stores and business to Expand

Introduction The retail grocery industry saw a hike in demand and scarcity of products due to the coronavirus pandemic. And with this increasing demand for grocery items, the operational efficiency of the grocery owners has been adversely affected. Hence, an efficient and streamlined system became a significant necessity for today’s global era. People also needed […]