5 Tips for a Smoother Move to Dubai

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The Emirate of Dubai is a luxury paradise that has many luxury projects including Emaar Beachfront, Port De La Mer, City Walk Apartments Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbour and more. Therefore it’s no wonder why people from all around the world keep flocking to this destination. So, if you’re in the process of relocating to Dubai, here are some important tips you’ll need to know for a smoother transition.

1: Have Your Accommodation Arranged

Seek the assistance of reputable real estate agencies in Dubai to help with this transition as the Dubai property market is constantly changing and ever evolving. Therefore, it is essential to have this planned before you get here.

The most popular neighbourhoods to rent are villas in Mudon, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Palm Jumeirah and the Jumeirah Beach Residence. Each of them offer amazing amenities with its own appeal. Once you have selected a trustworthy agent from one of the many available Dubai Real Estate Agencies, be sure to notify them of your preferences and budget.

2: Make Sure You Organize Your Finances

Dubai is an expensive place to live in, so be sure to have a nest egg to help carry you through the first few months. Do not rely on your pay cheque alone as you might need to buy some necessary home appliances/furniture – if your rental doesn’t cover it.

As far as opening a bank account is concerned, a non-resident bank account can be opened prior to getting your residency visa, but these accounts are usually restricted to savings/deposit accounts.

3: Get Your Documentation in Order

There are plenty of procedures that need to be followed in order to obtain your residency visa and this will require lots of documentation. Therefore, be sure to have any necessary documents such as your passport, education certificates, birth certificates and marriage certificates. Always keep copies on hand in the event that they are urgently required.

4: Get a Driver’s License

The transportation system is quite efficient with the use of trains, buses and taxis but it is always more convenient to have your own vehicle. You can use an international license until you obtain your residency visa which would then allow you to apply for UAE driver’s license. Depending on what country you’re relocating from, you can also easily have your license transferred.

5: Research, Research, Research

Learn more about the country that you’ll be relocating to. Remember that the UAE is also a Muslim country. Therefore, there would be a lot of customs and laws that you would not be used to or aware of such as the fact that the weekends are Friday and Saturday rather than Saturday and Sunday!

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