6 Ways to Integrate Salesforce with Better Customer Relationship Management

Integrate Salesforce

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process used to ensure that your customers’ experience is optimal. After all, customers are the most crucial resource for a business, so they should be devoting a lot of effort into keeping them happy. Having the right system in place is essential. Investing in a program like Salesforce and then having your system updated by getting CRM data entry outsourced would save a lot of money in the long-term.

There are many businesses using spreadsheets to manage their customer information even today. Spreadsheets are a relic of the past and have no place in today’s data-driven business world. Since these companies have always used spreadsheets and are overwhelmed by the fact that they would have to transcribe their records to a new system, they stick with the way that makes them comfortable. If you are uncomfortable in handling big data, it is a great idea to get your service of data entry outsourced to a professional for better results.

Customer databases will continue to go up in value as more information is added into it. There is no risk of data being lost, and the risk of human error is lower. People can create typos in spreadsheets, but it’s more difficult when using a CRM database.

A CRM Plan in Combination with Salesforce is Valuable

  • It gives you a place to manage all of your contacts and leads. Leads must be kept warm until they are ready to make a purchase. It’s essential to keep all your leads organized.
  • All customer interactions can be stored and organized. When customers make contact with your business, it’s necessary for thatcommunication to be tracked. For instance, emails should be stored in a system and not in individual employee inboxes.
  • Salesforce shows you detailed analytics about your leads. For instance, if you are only converting a small number of leads into paid customers, then maybe you are targeting the wrong demographic.Either way, you need an excellent organized location to see these metrics.
  • It enhances the value of your customers by allowing you to utilize their data. Older systems can miss records that have to be entered manually.

Now that you understand the value of combining Salesforce with your CRM plan let’s look at some methods that you can use to integrate it.

#1: Finding the Right Customers

Businesses spend so much energy finding and attracting new customers that it’s a waste when they don’t take advantage of their value. So you can combine Salesforce with your current CRM system to get the most out of every byte of data. Starting from scratch might require you to have CRM data entry outsourced so that you can get your initial data into the system, but once you do, Salesforce can add value to it.

Having this data will help you make the most of your marketing tools. It allows you to create a schedule for social media posts and automated email blasts. So it might be an investment, but it’s one that will provide a substantial return on investment.

#2: Establish Sustainable Relationships

Deeper customer relationships are required for businesses to create sustainable opportunities. So the key is to understand your customers on a personal level. What makes them tick? What are their pain points? Businesses like Netflix and Amazon have mastered this art by developing the perfect CRM systems. But what can small businesses do?

The solution is to invest in a system that is powerful enough to analyze essential customer data and then present it in a format that is easy to understand. Salesforce provides dashboards that can quickly integrate data and use it to provide valuable insight.

#3: Use Salesforce to Reduce the Cost of Sales

It costs money to funnel new leads into your system and to keep those leads warm. There is no way to offset that cost, but we can mitigate it using CRM software like Salesforce. Since powerful CRM software will provide you with details on your ideal customer, you can make sure that your marketing strategy is catered toward that group. Cleaning up your marketing budget puts you on a fast track to lowering the cost of sales.

Another method is to squeeze the full value out of every lead. Even if they don’t buy from you, it’s still possible to leverage your CRM system in a way that makes each lead valuable. Knowledge is power, and leads are a great source of information. 

#4: Improve Employee Productivity

This is another way to mitigate the cost of sales, but it goes much deeper than that. You want to squeeze value out of every employee as well. Manual CRM systems are a huge time sink. They eat away at the efficiency of your internal processes. Salesforce streamlines your CRM methods, freeing up valuable time for your employees.

#5: Excel at Customer Service

The top companies in the world have one thing in common – they excel at customer service. Amazon uses its CRM system to understand customers on such a level that they can provide the best support. We see so many businesses stop caring about the customer after he/she makes a purchase, but history has shown us time and time again that repeat customers are the most valuable business asset in the world. Programs like Salesforce will put customer information at your fingertips so you will excel at customer service.

#6: Boost Services and Their Performance

Uber is a prime example of a company that utilizes CRM systems to provide valuable services. Analytics, combined with customer feedback systems are all powerful features of any CRM system. Customer feedback is an essential element of all service-related businesses, so using a platform like Salesforce gives you a way to organize and then make changes based on real-time feedback.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest hurdles for small businesses is transitioning over to Salesforce. The transition itself can be quite intimidating, and so it is recommended that you take it one step at a time. The first step is usually to get CRM data entry outsourced so that those manual spreadsheets areplaced into digital format. From there, the entire process is way less intimidating.

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