What is Visual Commerce and How Brands can Benefit from it?

Visual Commerce

Visual Content, one of the most popular methods used for marketing campaigns. We all know that “picture worth a thousand words” so it’s crystal clear that visual content impacts more on customers compared to text-based content. It is one of the best ways to attract more customers and engage more audiences.

Customers do prefer visual search over textual-based search. Visual Commerce! Have you heard about this? If not, then let’s first have a look at What Visual commerce is and what’s the purpose behind this trend in the eCommerce industry.

What is Visual commerce?

2021 – a new era of Visual commerce. Visual Commerce is a concept of enhancing the customer’s shopping experience with attractive, powerful, and aesthetic visual content that will encourage the buyers to engage, convert and form a preference for the online brand.

The main purpose of Visual search in retail is that it helps to transform the product or an item to be searched online by customers. Even if the product is sold out, visual search can help to showcase similar or relevant products which are available in stock. With this, users will be attracted, engaged, and also converted to customers.

Nowadays, ecommerce brands are struggling with marketing strategies to drive more results and visual commerce is one of the key important terms for these ecommerce online business brands. Visual commerce takes marketing to the next level as instead of only images, it helps with consumer-generated media like AR, interactive content and engaging videos, etc.

Many of these online brands invest a lot of money in visual content to promote their products and services to drive customers’ attention, attract more users and convert visitors to potential customers. Online store owners consider visual marketing strategies not only for engaging and attracting customers but also to drive sales and improve eCommerce checkout process.

Like any other new marketing strategy, there might be questions like:

Who are Visual shoppers?

Visual shoppers are none other than the ones who like to purchase based on visual content. If they would like to buy something, they just take a picture and upload the same on a visual search engine of their choice. For leading visual search tools, you can consider Google lens, Bing, and Pinterest for visual search.

What is Visual search in eCommerce or What is Visual Product Search?

Visual product search is the feature that helps in bridging a gap between offline and online shopping where instead of searching products to websites or marketplaces, customers can just use a visual search feature and get the job done in just a few steps.

  1. Customers find products they reall like to buy in a store.
  2. Take a picture of the product
  3. Upload the product in visual search engine and get the identical products

How to Optimise Your eCommerce Site for Visual Search?

Now if we talk about optimizing your store for visual search then there are multiple things that you can perform but before that let’s have a look at some visual search statistics:

  • 360-degree product images help customers to have a product look from each angle, and it’s shown that 3D model helps to increase conversions by up to 250%
  • Considering the power of visual infographics, 80% of people tend to remember the things they see. Because visuals are processed 60,000X faster than text.
  • 67% of consumers feel that high-quality product images are more important in selecting and purchasing products.

We hope that the above statistics are enough to know the importance of visual commerce in eCommerce. Now let’s have a look at some of the visual search optimization tips for your online store.

Offer Multiple Images with high resolution

When you optimize your website for visual search, make sure you add multiple images of your products. No need to rely on a single image and also ensure that the images are of high quality because it ensures that Google matches the image with the customer’s search query. Multiple images with high resolution will keep the audience more interested and engaged in your product.

Try to maintain a unique brand aesthetic

Most important thing is to maintain a consistent theme that will not only make your brand unique but also help to stand out from the rest. Also, keep image assets consistent with all the categories of products.

Optimize image titles, description, size, and file types for visual search engine

Try to make the image title more descriptive because “Image01.png” will not be helpful. Also, make sure you use the keywords in your image description and title so that the audience can easily understand the product image. High-resolution images and file types can impact your website performance so make sure you use an appropriate size of images and file types. So, reduce the loading time by optimizing the product images.

Add image sitemap

Provide a complete brief list of all the images that are added to your online store to the Google Search Console. This will be helpful to index and crawl the images on your website by Google. To make this easy, you can use online tools also which will help you to list out all the images in a few steps.

Apply schema markup

Adding product schema markup is one of the best ways to provide detailed information about your products in Google search results. Admin can add the schema makeup on the product details page using the backend admin panel.

Get your store updated with trends like Augment Reality

Being updated with the latest trends in your target audience is more important than anything. Augment Reality is really taking off in the retail industry. This technology not only improves customers’ shopping experience but also helps them to preview products in their own environment before making a purchase. Even social media platforms are offering a lot of AR filters for customers to interact with. So this will be one of the best tools to add to your store for increasing custom engagement, reaching new customers, and reducing returns.


Ultimately, Visual commerce in 2021 and beyond will make a lot of difference in the eCommerce industry. Smart retailers will optimize their ecommerce site for Visual search to make their eCommerce store more advanced that will help to deliver highly engaging and personalized experiences to the customers.

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