10 best logo fonts in 2022

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When choosing a font for a logo, it is worth avoiding the commonplace. Conformity to the direction of the business, a good level of readability, high clarity, and consistency with other elements of the logo – are the main criteria for the right choice. The font plays an important role in shaping the brand, which is why it is important to use the best of them.

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Marck Script

Marck Script is a handwritten font presented in the same style. It is elegant and well readable, the main feature is that there are no links between some characters, which makes the font airy, and friendly. The font has a Cyrillic variation. Beautiful font for the presentation of jewelry, cosmetics, confectionery brand, women’s clothing store – in general, everything is sophisticated and practical at the same time.


Sriracha is an uppercase font in an informal, disposing style. It was designed for boutique branding by Cadson Demak in Thailand. The slight slant of the letters and asymmetric roundings make the font look dynamic, and what is written with it looks attractive and friendly. Can be used with equal success:

  • clothing stores;
  • perfumeries;
  • cafes;
  • industrial enterprises;
  • service stations;
  • gas stations;
  • etc.

It stabilizes graceful directions and adds a touch of practicality without losing its luster, while it softens serious ones, adding charm to them without turning them into a circus.

Spectral SC

Spectral SC is a simple and accurate serif font with Cyrillic variation. Presented in 14 styles from lightweight to super-bold. It’s easy to read, gives the written text a pure, serious touch, and would look great on the logo of a law, media, or jewelry company, a signboard of a notary’s office, any state institution, etc. The point is that the font ennobles the message, and makes it intelligible and easy to comprehend. The font is suitable for meticulous spheres of activity connected with documents and big money.


Pacifico is a font from the famous typography artist Vernon Adams. There is a Cyrillic version. Has a single capital style inspired by the American culture of the 50s? It looks attractive, interesting, and a little flirty. Easy to read, despite the pronounced loops and curls in the characters. Would look good on the logo of a pastry shop, cafe, country club, and other recreational facilities. The font is not suitable for industrial, legal, and other types of companies that require a serious, concise image in the presentation.


Oswald is another cool 6-style font from Vernon Adams. Straight, powerful, well readable, and capable of expressing the seriousness of the company whose logo it adorns. There is a Cyrillic version. Styles from extra thin to bold can convey a wide range of ambitions of the brand owner. Suitable for use in the logos of any company that has its production and claims weight, and prestige in its field. The simple, sans serif font looks great on monitor screens and printed business cards.


Teko is a Latin sans serif font of 5 styles that looks great in headlines and logos and reads well on electronic media. Articulate, calm, impressive, but not boring. It reflects well the essence of the brand, for example, a logistics, construction company, or a separate brand of those that does not require a playful or humorous presentation. Simplicity and stability are the main feelings it conveys.

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a modern interpretation of the late 18th-century style font. Contains 6 styles, looks intelligent, and authentic has a Cyrillic variation. This font gives a touch of practicality, and reliability to the image of the company, on the logo in which it will appear. It is suitable for almost everything, except for children’s and recreational niches of business. For them, it will be too pedantic, boring, and unable to convey dynamics and a friendly message.


Poppins is a popular font with an impressive 18 styles, without Cyrillic and serif. Depending on the style chosen, it can be used for logos of a huge number of activities. Thin,

Straight, imposing, friendly-thick with a slant – it looks simple, clean, and straightforward thanks to the geometric outline of the characters. It was designed specifically for use by big corporate brands like Apple, Sony, etc. Looks clear, and gives weight to what’s written. Practically universal.

Racing Sans One

Racing Sans One is a style 1 font, very dynamic and contrasty, it was invented 100 years before Helvetica. This vintage font looks powerful and challenging as if it invites competition. Logos in niches that profess the competitive spirit look good with it – something sporty, expensive, or long-established, recognizable by many. A paintball club, a rally, a gun factory, and sweepstakes of any kind are examples of niches in which a logo in this font would look good. No Cyrillic script.


Rye is an unusual font of style 1, which looks like symbols burnt on wood in a symmetric and rather complex geometric shape. It looks impressive, pretentious, and contrasting, especially on a wooden base. The Cyrillic version is not available. This font would be good for a logo of a pub, a workshop of artistic forging, a furniture shop, a themed hotel, a snack bar, etc. The inscription will stand out, and convey an atmosphere of authenticity, quality, and well readable, despite the rather complex structure of symbols with serifs.


You got a dozen examples of fonts that look good on logos. Choose them with an eye to the type of activity and personal taste. The font in a logo plays an important role and allows you to make the brand attractive and recognizable.

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