5 Ways to make your startup eco friendly

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Do you think that your startup doesn’t affect the environment? If you do, you are wrong! Just because your business is currently operating at a smaller scale than large enterprises, it doesn’t mean that your day-to-day operations aren’t impacting the environment and society as a whole. That is why, you must take steps to make your startup sustainable for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is consumers. Your target customers are looking to work with an environmentally responsible business and mitigate the ill-effect of industrial pollution and waste.

If you want your startup to be eco-friendly and sustainable, here are a few tips that may be useful for you. However, the journey towards sustainability starts by first narrowing your carbon footprint because only then you can take steps to be sustainable.

Simple ways startups can be eco-friendly

Making remote work a possibility

The last few years have taught us that remote work is possible for multiple industries. To save the environment and startup capital, you too can offer remote work to your employees. Workers finding this model impeccable can work from home, maintaining a work-life balance.

Others can come to the office and opt for work-from-home when necessary. It helps by:

  •  Reducing the commute time of the employees. Also, with less commute, there are fewer vehicles on the road, which decreases traffic and emission of carbon dioxide.
  • Moreover, when fewer people are in the office, there is less need for ACs, heat, light, and other stocks, saving money for the startup while also helping the environment.

Procuring the material mindfully

An effective way of making your startup sustainable is through ethical sourcing. It implies buying raw materials in a sustainable manner that doesn’t overburden the planet or your pocket. To do this:

  • Find a supplier who is local as opposed to someone who is delivering from far off. It reduces carbon footprint.
  • Ensure that the presence of toxic chemicals is negligible in your supplies.
  • Always opt for biodegradable products or supplies which you can recycle with ease.
  • How can you reuse the material?

Using a business card? Switch to a digital one

A business card is an essential marketing tool for startups and enterprises alike. A business card holds all the critical information that your customers or clients need to work with you soon. Thus, you must have a business card. However, paper business cards are bad for the environment. They require paper which means cutting more and more trees in their prime will be necessary to make a paper business card. Also, they are expensive to make. The better alternative is to use a virtual business card. You create it on an app and share it by scanning a QR code or by mailing & texting the card to the recipient. It is not just environment friendly but also lighter on your pocket.

Similarly, reduce all paper use by switching to online receipts and presentations.

Put recycling bins in your office.

As a startup, you can promote sustainability in your employees. one way to do this is by introducing recycling bins in your office. Many companies have noticed that their employees are looking to be sustainable, but they need a way to do so. A recycling bin can help as everyone can put the trash in a recycling bin instead of the waste bin. Make sure that you have ample recycling bins placed strategically throughout your office. For more information on waste management services be sure to visit WM Waste Management Services.

Conserve water

Irrespective of whether your startup is in a locality with a good water supply or not, conserving this natural resource is essential. Everyone is facing a water crisis, and you have to play your part to keep this crisis from blowing up. So, fix any leaking taps or plumbing and have a rain-water harvesting system. Low-flow toilets in your washrooms are also good for saving water. These are simple and doable, and with these, you are making better products for the environment and increasing your customer base too. The best thing is to listen to your customers as they are looking for natural products that don’t harm them and the environment. If you do, your business will get immense success without compromising the sanctity of our environment.

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