With Advanced Mobile App Development Trends, Artificial Intelligence Levels the Playing Field for SMEs!

Mobile App Development Trends

With so many unicorns in the market, who didn’t think of starting their own business at least once. Well, yes we all did. If going by numbers healthcare app development and ewallet app development are gaining popularity as the services they offer are forming the major percentage of growing businesses. 

One reason why these industries are in full bloom is their acceptance of advancing technology. With ChatGPT, Firefly, Dall.e etc. Artificial Intelligence based solutions have proved how they not just automate a lot of tasks but help humans be more productive and deliver better. Before we dig in deep into how AI is contributing in the business world, especially the business mobile app development, let’s see if in this recession SMEs have numbers to mark their presence. 

SMEs in Numbers 

  • Around 99% of the businesses around the US are small businesses. Although the remaining 1% get the spotlight all the time, the driving force is the small businesses.
  • If we consider the employment ratio, it is 1:1, e.i., 50% of the employed class works for these small businesses, which sums to around 61.7 million employees.  
  • If we take a look at the bigger picture, in the last 25 years, around 12.9 million jobs have been created in the US by SMEs. 

Source: Small Business Statistics Of 2023

Artificial Intelligence has made it possible for small businesses to compete with the big names and establish themselves as a force to reckon with. 

How Does AI Affect the SMEs in Its Operability?

If we take into account the functioning and operability of businesses at any scale, there are two ways in which Artificial Intelligence can majorly impact them. One is by leveling up the business environment and simplifying the conditions under which the businesses operate. The other way is to transform the business models and practices and make them more efficient, productive, and cost-effective.

Indeed, both these aspects are closely interwind, but a wise business person would take one step at once. If you want to level up your game with the help of artificial intelligence, here are some of the core aspects of your business mobile app development you should consider. 

Role of AI in Your Business

No matter what business vertical you own, there is no denying the fact that artificial intelligence is the driving force to keep you one step ahead of your competitors. No matter what business, your success is primarily determined by customer experience, and it’s here where AI enters the scene.

Not sure how?

Well, here’s how. 

Conversational Smart Chatbots: Engage and Retain Customers 

We all agree that users tend to engage with the brand more if they feel heard. We understand chatbots by utility are more prevalent in customer services and customer support domains. Still, when used innovatively, they can cross the extra mile, and help brands simply engage users or be a full-fledged service themselves. 

  • Do you remember solving mysteries with Lt. Hopps from Zootopia? Well, Disney allowed its users to help Lt. Hopps solve puzzles via their impressive conversation smart ai-based chatbot. 
  • MedWhat is a solution that uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to reply to queries asked? It does have a well-fed information database, but most of its responses are self-learned from previous conversations. 

Other than this, we cannot deny the fact that, be it any business, no matter how large or small, AI chatbots have increased the way people trust these brands because now the responses are more human and empathetic. 

Empathy is one thing that AI managed to learn over the years and now uses it to win the hearts of customers.

Emotional Recognition: Making the Best of Instilled Emotions 

Gone are the days when we as humans disregarded technology as something that would never connect with us at an emotional level. With the advancement, scientists are now able to train AI to comprehend most emotions and respond to the user accordingly. 

  • Casper is one such example. Its users understand what wonders the app can do. Casper’s, Insomnobot 3000 gives people someone they can talk to and when their most profound feelings without prejudices. 
  • Endurance is another interesting application that uses different concepts of artificial intelligence like NLP, emotional recognition, etc. to interact with patients suffering from dementia. 

Since the solution is cloud-based, the family members of the patients can access the conversations easily. 

Generative AI: Shake of the Stress to Create on Your Own

Any firm no matter how small or big needs to digitally market itself to reach potential customers. To make sure this happens the right way, the firms need to be available with varied kinds of content in a short time. Generative AI is the answer to this. With human creativity and generative AI’s quick data fetching capabilities firms can create content that will be highly relevant to their customers. 

  • Dalle is used by a lot of content creators to create virtual representations of their thoughts to share with their ad copies. It doesn’t need much effort and offers users a sense of engagement with a visual treat. 
  • ChatGPT has been in the news for a long time now. The content generated by ChatGPT, modified with human tone and creativity, can save firms time and increase their efficiency and productivity. They can offer their customers more stories to engage within a limited time. 

We have a myriad of use cases of technology, like predictive analytics, gesture responses, image recognition, text-to-speech conversion, natural language processing, etc. Discussing them would need hours. 

The Final Words 

What we discussed here is the latest and the most modern ways in which AI is transforming the business arena. 

If we further look forward to using AI in business mobile app development we can surely come up with amazing arguments and facts. Most mobile app development companies suggest that if you’re looking for a solution that can help you be at the top of your business game, do not ignore the power of automation and advanced AI.

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