5 Optimizing Web Performance Speed Test Tools

Performance Speed Test Tools

Is your website speed not too fast enough? Follow these 5 recommended website for testing your website page speed quickly.

Improving website speed is very critical. If website performance really matters, then, you have no choice but need to take it on one step at a time. So, the good place is to start some tests and determine out how fast you website really is.

Besides that, a faster loading website benefits from better user experience, higher conversion rates, good SEO rankings and much more.

Here, I have discussed it down five recommended tools based on accessibility, usability and how their comprehensive reports are.

1) Google PageSpeed Insights

Analyzes the content of a web page and test speed on all devices using google pagespeed insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights


2) GTmetrix

Using GTmetrix, you can analyze your website speed and make it more faster. It gives you a insight view with how good your website loads quickly and provides actionable recommendations on optimizing it.



3) Pingdom Website Speed Test

Enter your website URL to test the load time of a page, analyze it and then find bottlenecks. This lets you identify about your web page i.e. fast, slow and too big, what best practices that you are not following, and so on. Using this free Website Speed Test you can analyze the load speed of your websites and everywhere web developers optimize the performance speed of their websites.

Pingdom Website Speed Test


4) Page Scoring

This is an online web tool by PageScoring.com for providing webmasters with information about the loading speed of their website and domain by checking everything from your domain with resolving speed to your download times.

Page Scoring


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5) WebPagetest

Using this tool you can run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe and at a real consumer connection speeds.



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