Why Should You Add Product Reviews on Your Shopify Store?

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When going for an online product purchase, what is the first thing you check? Probably it’s the review. This world is now highly eCommerce driven and people cannot physically touch or smell products prior to buying them, so checking their reviews is a good option for them. For any online business, reviews are undeniably critical for building a positive reputation and winning sales.

A recent survey shows that 91% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. Over 31% of users buy products from a retailer that has excellent reviews. If you own a Shopify eCommerce website, you need to gather a bunch of positive Shopify product reviews from your consumers because it works as fuel for your online business. Let’s learn the weightage of adding product reviews to your online store. 

Significance of product reviews on your Shopify store

Shopify is one of the remarkable eCommerce platforms that enable business owners to simply set up their online store. However, the biggest challenge Shopify store owners face is making the site exceptional yet credible. If you miss out on the credibility factor then your potential customers might not trust you and they will not take a second to shift to your competitors.

One of the best ways to build trust in your brand is by adding positive reviews on your product pages. Adding reviews on your products is one of the best strategies that work in your business’s favor because it offers:

SEO friendly outcomes

When you add good reviews to your Shopify online store, it will improve the visibility of your site on search engines. Google thoroughly checks how your customers feel about the products that you offer in your online store. Adding positive reviews for the products greatly helps you with search engine optimization. You can encourage your users to leave comments on different platforms after experiencing your offerings. This will improve the search rankings of your Shopify store on Google results. Online reviews are one of the best techniques to boost SEO across all search engines.

Credibility and social proof

Reviews of products act as robust social proof of your Shopify store. If you get 5 stars for your products, then it will improve the overall rating of your online store and increase the rate of conversion. Reviews also help in improving the credibility of your business. It shows that a good number of people are buying your offerings and are satisfied with the results. As an effect, they get encouraged to purchase from you because for them you are a credible offeror.

eCommerce is highly competitive, so you have to stand out from others and reviews help in making this possible. Positive reviews not only help in making your partnership trustworthy with your audience but also make it unique.

Better insights into offerings

Just by looking at people’s past buying experiences, your website visitors easily determine the product’s ability to meet the customer expectancy or not. Every business owner tries to highlight all features of their offerings in the best way. But there is something about actual feedback from real consumers that impacts a buying decision. Feedback helps prospects to understand what they can expect from a particular product and how it is going to perform along with its pros and cons.

Rectifying issues is easy

You can easily fix issues in your product by going through its reviews. If the majority of consumers are coming up with similar issues in the product then you can eradicate them and come up with an improved version. Yes, damages happen during the shipping but not all products get spoilt or come out defective. Reviews are one of the best ways to find out loopholes in your offerings and give you an opportunity to become better in those lacking arenas.

Minimizes the likelihood of returns

If your products have fewer to no reviews then it becomes difficult for your prospects to know their actual quality. They will make them unsure about moving forward with the purchase. Even if they buy it, their minds will be filled with doubts regarding the product’s quality. In simple words, if a prospect buys the product with zero reviews (which is defective and you have no clue about it) and reaches him/her then he will immediately place the return request. On the contrary, products with reviews will make it easier for your prospects to gain insights into them. This will help them move forward with the purchase decision confidently and decrease the chances of return.

To conclude

Positive feedback from your customers is vital in generating revenue for your business without making huge investments. If you add good reviews on your Shopify store, it will greatly help you with conversions. You can persuade your customers to leave reviews on different platforms. You can incentivize them for doing it, this will encourage them to give feedback on their experience. Additionally, you can offer loyalty points to create good relationships with your customers. When your visitors navigate to your product pages, they can check the reviews and gain a fair understanding of what they can expect from it.Your customers can make or break your online business. User-friendly websites, personalized messages, seamless navigation, etc. plays a key role in engaging customers. However, their reviews are equally important for your business because it highly drives conversion. So, make sure you have product feedback on your Shopify store for better SEO, improved conversion, and great credibility!

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