Best Universities in the USA to pursue a career in Finance

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Finance has become one of the important fields these days, obviously because of how money literally rules everything that surrounds us. It gives any person an excellent earning potential as well as perfectly rewarding career options, and these options range between a hefty list of industries. There will always be ups and downs in the economy, but this field will always manage to make your life comfortable to live; as it guarantees a considerably large growth. Given below are some of the best finance colleges, in the USA specifically, as let’s face it, everyone aspires to at least once, study in this beautiful, perfect of all the places!

University of Pennsylvania:

The University of Pennsylvania – or commonly known as UPenn – is one of the private Ivy Leagues Universities, and also one of the best finance colleges in USA. It is the Wharton School of the UPenn which is the business school, offering various courses and programs in Finance. Its MBA program is perhaps the best known among others, and it will do you good if you choose this. As for the employment statistics, Wharton school’s students are keen on making a career in finance, usually work in the sectors of investment management, private equity and investment banking.

New York University:

New York University (NYU) is a private University, obviously based in New York City. It has a campus on various places, including Washington Square, Brooklyn and internationally, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. NYU’s Stern School of Business is the one offering creative programs in Finance on the NYU’s Washington Square Campus. In fact, the School has also published important documents and papers on Finance and Investment bulletins, increasing its already proper credibility. The School also does offers IBEX, which is its study abroad program (IBEX – International Business Exchange Program).

University of Michigan:

University of Michigan (UMich) is a public research university, situated in Ann Arbor, and one of the oldest ones in the area. UMich offers various programs in Finance, from MS to MBA, where you can actually enrol full time or even part-time, as what is convenient for you The University guarantees you that you will have a successful finance career, whatever is the program that you choose, including corporate finance or investments concentration, among others.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as indicated by the name. It is not only a land-grant but also a sea-grant and a space-grant University, which holds all the more attraction of the students and non-students alike. Most importantly, the Master of Finance program can help you get excellent career opportunities. With their outgoing reach, sterling global reputation and skilled and talented faculty, no student can ever fail, if he or she decides to make a career in this primarily financial world.

University of Texas:

The University of Texas (it is at Austin, and therefore it is called UT Austin usually) is a public research university of Texas and much well known for the courses it offers. However, it is one of those universities which is highly selective of the students it accepts; therefore, you will have to study extra hard to get in here. Its school, McCombs School of Business, is the one to offers Finance major, including the courses of BBA, MBA and PhD in finance.

University of California:

University of California (UC) – a public university – is of course situated in California, with an uplifting motto of “Fiat Lux” which is Latin for “Let there be light”. We can safely say it is one of the excellent finance colleges in USA. The campuses are spread all over the place, including Berkeley, Merced, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Diego, among others. If you want to get proper information regarding the finance courses and programs that this University, you will have to browse through the campuses first and then access that information – every campus has some different information.

Boston College:

Boston College (BC) is a private research university, situated in Boston, with another campus being in Newton. Not only that, it’s Carroll School of Management is one of the best, with premium quality faculty and perfect training programs offered by the Finance department. In fact, it is actually ranked in the top 15 for its department all over the Country, by U.S. News & World Report. Bachelors, Masters and PhD are offered in Finance, with extra-curricular activities planned and executed by the department from time to time. Making a career in Finance has its own perks, as you will be able to find out once you settle in your career. Make sure you choose the University that is convenient for you, and also which offers courses as close to your expectations. The list of universities given here are top-notch, so it will be a hard decision – that is for sure!

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