Top 10 Benefits of Android App Development for Businesses

Android App Development

You cannot deny the influence of smartphones on our daily life. From getting directions on a map to finding the best cuisine, every individual is dependent on his/her handheld smart device.  However, a smartphone is incomplete without applications. When we talk about mobile applications, Android apps dominate more than 85% market share globally. This phenomenon has massively increased the demand for android app development services and developers who are experienced in building apps on this platform.    

Today, there are over 3.3 million apps in Google Play Store and the graph is still on the surge. This means countless businesses and developers are already leveraging this opportunity to make money through well-functioning android apps. A dedicated business app helps you reach customers from every sphere and increase brand recognition. Having massive benefits by its side, developing an android app that works well on different smartphones with diverse resolutions is a prolific endeavor. So, whether you are a developer or a business owner, if you are in the process or first time exploring this advantageous voyage. Be sure that you are on the right path toward bettering your business.

Mobile app development progress statistics

Before jumping into the app development process, look into the below statistics of mobile app users to gain surety that you are on the correct route.

By the end of 2022, there will be over 8 million mobile users around the globe.
The amount of mobile usage in 2020 per day increased by 20% in the year 2021. In 2022, it has even multiplied to a great number.
People spend 44% time on communication and social networking apps out of 90%.
An average person spends 70% of their time on mobile using different types of applications including gaming.
If I talk about India, people spend 4.6 hours on their smartphones. This shows that mobile users have increased by 39% since 2020.
Talking about generation Z (6 years—24 years) their mobile usage has increased to 16%.
Millennials (25 years—40 years) mobile usage has increased by 18% since 2020.
Generation X (41 years—75 years) spent maximum time on their mobile devices, and their usage has climbed to 30% since last year.

Looking at these stats, you can realize that people are undeniably spending a lot of time on their phones. Therefore, mobile app development is certainly a fruitful endeavor to spin huge money. Many industries invest billions of dollars in research and development to build high-end mobile applications. Technology is growing at a rapid pace and this is the best time to develop a corporate app for your business progress.  

Whether you are a business owner or a developer you should not overlook the benefits that come from app creation. When we talk about app building, let us learn why should you choose the android platform.

1. Toughen customer engagement

Customers like an easy form of communication to get informed and learn about your business. A dedicated business app creates an effective marketing channel between you and your customers. You can install, send in-app and push notifications to numerous customers at once with an android app. If you make these notifications relevant or carry a vital message, then it would help you engage your customers. This engagement leads to customer loyalty. They will definitely make them buy your offerings whenever they require.

Try to understand your customer preference and check how they are interacting with your app. You should leverage android app development to improve your business visibility and gain new customers.

2. Customers get value

Business survival depends on balanced give and take. Simply put, when you offer a product, your customers should be ready to pay for it. Of course, like every business, you want to amplify your sale graph. But working solely on a marketing campaign doesn’t help if you are not providing value to your customers. Through an app, you can create several loyalty programs. For example, the more they buy, the more points they will collect. You should reward your customers for their spending. If you do it, they are high odds to repeat the purchase.

Additionally, if an app is offering a seamless and great user experience to your target audience. It is downloaded many times. Premium UI and UX design with smooth navigation will enable every user to reach you in the quickest way. If you cater to your customer’s needs, they will always be engaged whether working or sitting idly on a couch.

3. Improved accessibility

An android app offers both direct as well as indirect communication between a business and its customers. With a single click, your customers can gain knowledge about your business, learn about your offerings, check upcoming products, etc. You can easily send notifications regarding any updates or what is coming up. Improved accessibility to offerings with cost-effectiveness is surely icing on the cake as it enhances customer engagement to a great level.

Not only your customer gets engaged but this makes a strong relationship with them. A robust association is the foundation of a strong and loyal customer base. You can also offer special offers and discounted deals to existing customers via the android app.

4. Strengthen security, effortless customization, and marketing

Android app allows great customizing options. Developers can build unique and intriguing software with a wide array of features. Android is a very flexible and strong operating system that effortlessly accommodates a variety of alterations, whether simple or complex. Android apps not only cater to customers’ requirements but also your needs. This platform enables developers to integrate several tools and upgrade them as well. It also offers data management services to stay proportionate with changing needs. Android developers can help you get the best results from the app.

5. Great scope of innovation

Android enjoys a huge share of percentage in the mobile market. Developing android apps can help you reach customers across the globe. You target a particular audience using revolutionary tech and introducing novel features in the app. In a few ways, Android opens the doors for innovations and enables you to plan new commercial projects via using technological advancement.

Even after carrying a lot of benefits, Android is still evolving. Reputed firms including Samsung manufacture devices that support Android. They keep updating the new elements to stay competitive which is rapidly adapted by the Android community. HD screen, NFC, and mobile payments were introduced by this platform.

6. Great for new businesses

There should be a proper balance between the platform you choose and the channel of communication in a mobile app. It should be open to all and simple as well. If your app needs a high-end device to get downloaded and utilized then you might fail in achieving your sales goals. This is because not everyone can afford expensive devices.

Launching your business app solely for iOS will not help you reap profits. Because more than half of your potential customers might be using the Android operating system. Out of 100, only 20 people own iPhones and the rest are using android and iPads. You might miss out on opportunities that an android app can offer.  

7. Minimal investment

Through an android platform, it is easy for all sizes of businesses to enter the market. Android is an open-source platform that offers feature-rich performance at great convenience. Its feature-packed SDK is highly flexible. All these factors minimize the overall expense of licensing and building android applications. The cost of android application development includes building, testing, and distribution. Developers are required to pay the registration fees only once.    

While selecting the best android app development framework, a developer is supposed to install it and do the coding for building an android app. The process of debugging and testing the application on the device is very easy.  Being able to develop fully functioning apps with minimal investment is indeed one of the noticeable features of the Android platform.

8. Developer-friendly kits and technologies

Whether the developer is seasoned or a beginner, the android platform provides all sorts of requisites to all regardless of their technical expertise. The SDK (software development kit) is a great tool for android app development because it enables easy Hide and downloads. The Android Studio has been revamped by Google which is one of the finest platforms that allows version control.

It not only has an amazing free set of tools but also functionalities that enable performance and usability, a comprehensive graphic editing guide for beginners, generating APK files, integration with Google Cloud, and application layout execution. This is one of the great advantages of choosing the android platform for app development.

9. Consistent community support

The community support of android developers is very enriching and well-established. They provide consistent support to businesses for innovative projects. This developing community works in a cooperative space where they openly share skills, expertise, and development know-how. This aspect is very rare in a mobile app development platform.

Also, Google offers exceptional developer support to those ventures who have unique app ideas. They not only help them but also add informative resources to Android Studio.   At present, there are approximately 300 software and hardware carriers who offers unfailing assistance to take your android development project on the correct path.

10. Increased scalability

When an app is developed it is designed according to the needs of that particular time. But when a business grows and the demand of customers changes, developing new apps aligned to such aspects is not only expensive but also handling the workload is tough. In such a situation, what course of action would you follow?

As we already discussed that technology is progressing at a rapid pace. You will keep seeing the better version of every single thing in the market, even applications. If you develop an android app, it offers a great advantage in terms of scalability. You can make changes in the app according to the demand when your business grows. Android apps developed keeping all the parameters in check can easily be scaled according to the demand.

Things to consider while developing an android app

By now, you must have gained enough knowledge about the benefits that android app development offers. Let us quickly look into the points to keep in consideration while building an android application for your business:

  • You should know who is your target audience. If you are building an educational app, consider categorizing levels of education based on age and other qualifications.
  • Your android app should respond quickly. Long-time taken for loads often irritates people as everybody dislikes slow apps.
  • Make sure that your app caters to almost every person’s needs. Also, include extraordinary features that persuade users to download and use it.
  • Ensure that you have included social sharing. You should integrate the app with major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Make your app stand out from others who are more or less similar to yours. If you are developing an eCommerce app, consider automating some attributes like entering OTP, auto-filling, etc. in short, give your users less trouble.
  • Avoid adding too many features because it would look too messy. Keep it simple and user-friendly.
  • You can add customizing option in the app. It will make your app appealing and demandable.

To conclude

Android operating system dominates this flourishing mobile market. It is the most popular and extensively used operating system. There is a strong demand for these apps in the market. A well-functioning and feature-packed android app give businesses great access to a wide user base.

Developing business apps can give you the finest marketing opportunities and help you reach your target audience most effectively. Apps not only benefit businesses in countless manners but also help your customers gain needed info about your products and business. However, merely developing apps doesn’t help you rip profits, it has to be strategic, unique, solve people’s problems, user-friendly, and be highly responsive. Because there are several android apps launched every month that fails and don’t taste success. You should take help from reliable android app development services that reduce the gap between you and your goals!

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