4 Ways You Can Make Your Business More Innovative

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Successful businesses require outstanding plans, but the productivity of your team influences how quickly you can move forward in executing these ideas. If you want to be as productive as possible, you will need to lay out a clear plan of what needs to happen to get there. It starts with implementing some simple changes.

Use Productivity Software

There are many different types of software out there that will help you and your team remain efficient. You can use it to break down larger projects into more manageable chunks. You can then assign these chunks to different team members. Or you could use software to better manage your fleet. Dispatch software is one of the most commonly used tools among dispatchers and fleet managers because it helps drivers stay on the most efficient route. Taking a more efficient route saves drivers time and it can help your customers stay satisfied. If you are thinking about getting trucking dispatch software, there are things to keep in mind, so take your time to do your research.

Encourage Face-to-Face Meetings

It might seem like it is more efficient to chat or email a coworker, but it can be the opposite. Going back and forth over chat or email could be longer than a quick chat in person to clarify something or solve an issue. Of course, it does require employees to strike a balance, as too much conversation outside of work can be detrimental to productivity as well.

Reduce the Number of Interruptions

A constant flow of interruptions throughout the workday won’t help to improve team efficiency and can disrupt workflow. Consider scheduling meetings all on the same day and as close to each other as possible instead of scattering them throughout your team’s week. It’s also a good idea to block out time on the calendar for active work. When your employees have chunks of time blocked out for work, they will be able to focus on that without having to worry about an interruption.

Of course, meetings are not the only things that can interrupt your employees’ time. Notifications, email alerts, and chats can all be distracting, interrupting employees’ flow of work. After an interruption, it could take several seconds to a minute to get back to work, and this time can add up throughout the workday. There are tools that will pause notifications while employees have work time blocked out.

Have Employees Avoid Multitasking

Many think they are good at multitasking, but much of the time, doing too many things at once leads to overall lower productivity. Just because you can do several tasks at once does not mean you are able to effectively focus on each one. Focusing on only one task can help you do more in a shorter time because you are not letting projects sit as they near completion. Instead, you are finishing them one by one and sending them off as needed. Having multiple things going may help you feel more productive, but nothing is getting completed.

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