6 Tricks to enhance social presence of small businesses

social presence

It is essential for small businesses to know that social media is here to stay and its involvement in business will rise more and more in future. This is because social media has changed the methods of marketing and these new methods are way more effective than traditional methods. When you look around you will find many businesses that are shining because of social media, as it has introduced many smart ways to sell products and services and build meaningful relationships with the customers. Hence, in this article we will discuss some ways to use social media effectively to boost up your small business and how step-by-step you can achieve your business objectives.

1. Choose proper networks –

social presence

social media boomed when Facebook became public in 2012 and this year marked the beginning of new era in social media industry. Businesses started using social media platforms for growing their business and made it reach to large number of people. Moreover, talking about the present scenario, there are many platforms that have technology to give your business a significant hype. So, with many options it becomes an overwhelming task to choose the most appropriate one for your business. Hence, if you are a beginner and your business is in growing stage then choose Facebook for promotion. Facebook with the greatest number of active users is ideal for the businesses to generate leads and build relationships. Furthermore, another social media giant for pushing up your business is LinkedIn this platform helps you to stay on top by broadcasting breaking news, trending topics and announcements. Hence, you can use these two medias especially Facebook if you want to establish your business from roots.

2. Make a target –

social presence

No wonder that having social media presence of your business is great and you can get many benefits out of it. So, move step-by-step to achieve every benefit and locate targets that are necessary for the business. The targets can include, customer engagement, customer services, generating leads or using platforms such as like4like to expand the reach of the business. These are some of the essential targets that you can set to kickstart your business on social media. However, you can’t achieve all these targets together, as in order to achieve each one you will require proper planning and efforts. Hence, put all your efforts in one direction to achieve your goals in a stipulated timeframe with maximum end results.

3. Devise a plan of action –

After setting up the goal, the next step includes setting up the strategy to achieve it. As locating the objectives isn’t enough as you can only reach them if you have proper strategy. Hence, give good time for planning out your strategies, make a full-proof plan and an alternative plan, so if one doesn’t work then you will have the second one to bring in action. Moreover, another crucial part of strategizing is designating people and resources properly in places, so come up with a team having members who are well-versed with social media tools and algorithms and distribute small parts of the plan to each one. In this way breaking up their responsibilities and roles will give them a sense of authority and responsibility to work with efficiency and passion.

4. Organize your curation efforts with your audience in mind –

Understanding your audience is essential in order to mark success on social media. This can be done by determining the interests and tastes of your audience, by this you will get an idea about what content you must share on your social media that will attract the greater number audience. You need to do this by keeping note of what you are offering to the audience, for instance, if you are a sneaker brand then you must target teenagers who like prominent athletes or sportspeople. Hence, for this some of the essential information that you need to know about your audience is their age, location, gender, likes, behavior etc. Moreover, regardless of what your audience’s preferences are whatever you share must be of high-quality and it must be something that cater to their needs.

5. Meaningfully engage with your audience –

social presence

Creating and posting the content is essential but that’s not the only thing to do as walking away after sharing your content sounds incomplete. You need to engage with your audience as well to build meaningful connections with them, you can build interesting content that can drive connections between you and your audience. Moreover, apart from always posting about your brand, also post about some intriguing content which excites the audience. You can arrange Q&A session, post polls and fun sessions to engage with your audience in a better way. In this way checking up on your audience timely will help you to gain their valuable trust which will significantly give your business a greater high.

6. Cut back on the time you spend for marketing –

social presence

As said promotion and marketing isn’t the only thing to do on social media, though it is very popular these days and many sales person and online marketers practice it, but if you really look forward to create some meaningful connection with your audience then there has to be a room for effective communication and engagement. Hence, rather than marketing, you can share fruitful information with your audience which will increase their knowledge about different topics, in this way your media will add more value to their life. 


Social media can create wonders if used efficiently as it has power to accelerate your business by giving it a significant hype. However, in order to fetch the advantages of social media, you need to follow a process starting from choosing the most accurate network to checking up on your audience and doing regular follow-ups. In this way having an organized plan and set of actions will help you to achieve your business objectives with efficiency. Moreover, always try to offer your audience with something valuable and search for ways by which you can enhance the worth of their existence, certainly this will help you to build relationships that will go a long way.

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