Why Everybody is Using Cloud Mobile Apps?

Cloud Computing

Over the past couple of years, cloud computing, cloud storage, and cloud mobile applications have created a lot of buzz in the IT world. In this era of smartphones, everything is becoming smarter every day. With these advancements, mobile applications also changed over the period.

Initially, mobile applications were developed separately for Android mobiles and iPhone mobiles. Also, the users had to download a mobile application on their mobile phones before they start using them. According to Statista, there are about 5.5 million mobile applications on the Google app store, Apple app store, Windows app store, and Amazon app store combined together.

Cloud computing has changed the perspective of costly and difficult to manage two versions of mobile applications. It has introduced a new term, “cloud mobile applications” and millions of users around the globe are already using these cloud mobile applications in different businesses and industries.

So how do cloud mobile applications work?

What is a Cloud Mobile Application?

Cloud Mobile Apps, take the base of cloud computing to operate. So what happens is that a cloud mobile app connects with your cloud storage of mobile, and instead of operating mobile applications from the user’s phone, it actually operates the mobile application from the cloud storage.

Is it difficult to understand? Let’s do an example of a cloud mobile app. Have you heard of cloud storage? Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. These must be familiar names for many of you out there. What these cloud mobile apps do is let you store your data, not on your mobile phone storage but on cloud storage, and no matter where you are in the world, you can have access to stored data using the cloud mobile application.

It has definitely revolutionized the native way of developing and running mobile applications. Businesses and industries are shifting from native applications to cloud applications development. Here are some reasons that justify the shift from native mobile applications to cloud mobile applications:

Top 10 Reasons Everybody is Using Cloud Mobile Apps

Flexibility for Multiple Platforms

Unlike native mobile applications, the relatively new cloud mobile applications are not platform-dependent. These are also not hybrid mobile apps as both Android and Apple users will access the same mobile applications from their phones. There is no need for separate versions for different platforms.

Low Production and Maintenance Costs

Now, the development team needs to build and maintain only one application; therefore, the cost of production of cloud mobile applications as well as the cost of maintaining the app is significantly low as compared to native mobile applications.

No Installation Required

Cloud-based mobile applications are not required to be downloaded on the user’s mobile phone. Rather the mobile users just need to login to the cloud mobile app interface and can access the cloud mobile app features anywhere. Most of these cloud mobile application requires a user to make a login so that the same credentials can be used to access the data.

No Local Storage Space

The cloud mobile applications do not use the mobile’s local storage to save data or any relevant function. Thus the local storage is used very less. All data is on the cloud and the database is created in the cloud. The application fetches and shows data directly from the cloud.

Data Security is higher in Cloud Mobile Apps

Since data is not being stored in the local storage of mobiles, hence the data security is higher than in native applications. No one can have access to your data even if they get access to the mobile phone. The security of cloud databases raises no questions due to advanced data encryption and transmission technology in place.

Data Recovery is Convenient

If you lose data from a native mobile application, which is using the local storage to keep important bits of the information, the recovery is almost impossible. However, when the data is on cloud storage, it is always safe and kept under secured databases that even if you lose your mobile or password, the data is safe and can be recovered using multiple options.

Seamless Connection with Backend Databases

Native mobile applications have always been difficult when it comes to connecting businesses with databases of these native mobile applications. Businesses have spent a lot of money to overcome these limitations. But now cloud mobile applications have made database connectivity almost seamless and don’t require complex coding to link business databases with the cloud mobile applications.

User-friendly Interfaces

You will hardly find an interface difference between a native mobile application and a cloud-based mobile application. The user interfaces of cloud mobile applications are very friendly and don’t require complex computing knowledge to operate these cloud mobile apps.

Seamless Upgradation in base Cloud Mobile Application 

Native mobile applications were very famous for their version upgrades. For native apps, the addition of new features, fixing bugs, or enhancing current features required a lot of cost and time to implement. With cloud computing, the cloud-based mobile apps are pretty scalable, and these enhancements are quite seamless.

Cost-Effective & Time Efficient

All these benefits of cloud computing have made it very clear that having a cloud mobile application is way less expensive and way more efficient for any business and naïve user. This is the primary reason that a lot of current application developers have shifted already to cloud mobile applications, and those who haven’t made the shift yet are ready to make the jump.


Cloud computing has revolutionized conventional development methodologies. Based on the numerous benefits of cloud mobile applications, if you still think about what the future of mobile applications is, then sure cloud is the future. It’s the most cost-effective and time-efficient way of having state-of-the-art mobile applications in place that have the capability to win mobile users’ trust in terms of privacy and data security. Cloud mobile applications are a hassle-free approach to having one application in multiple app stores to reach millions of users around the globe.

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