Reasons Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer


Los Angeles is among the largest and busiest cities in the United States. When driving through this city, you can expect to see other drivers on the road probably trapped in the infamous LA. traffic jam. Unfortunately, LA is also notorious for the high number of accidents in the country.

For instance, in 2019, nearly 54,000 car accidents were reported in the city. That’s more than 150 crashes in 24 hours. With these high stats, there’s a probability you’ll get into an accident when driving through the city.

Fortunately, most accidents are minor and don’t inflict serious injuries. Unfortunately, others can be fatal. Regardless of what you feel after an accident, seek medical attention.

If the accident was serious and you’d like to make full recovery, you need to hire a competent Los Angeles automobile accident lawyer. That’s the only way to ensure you get a fair compensation for your physical injuries and mental scars.

With the rise of ride sharing services, GPS, and texting, attorneys need to be able to approach these cases with a modernized mindset, and that’s just what MVP Accident Attorneys aim to do.

Here are the primary reasons why you need an automobile Car Accident Lawyer.

Handle The Insurer for You

An insurance company is in the business of making profits. As such, their adjusters are highly trained at negotiating insurance settlements. These experts use their knowledge and experience to minimize their payout, some will even dismiss a valid claim.

Most accident survivors don’t have experience to negotiate with the insurance companies. Sometimes, they’re preoccupied with their physical and mental recovery process. So, how do you ensure you get the full value of your claim? Hire an Atlanta car accident lawyer to represent you in the exercise.

The attorney will:

  • Negotiate with the insurance adjuster on your behalf
  • Handle the compensation claim for you
  • Carefully prepare and write verbal statements to your benefit
  • Fight to ensure you get the right compensation for your claim.

Defend Your Case in Court

You’ve already seen that insurance companies are in the business of making money. As such, they may refuse to make a settlement offer that adequately covers your loss. If this happens, you have no recourse other than accepting their low offer or move to court.

The legal process relating to personal injury claims is complex with several administrative rules and regulations. Further, the court will require expert evidence to support your claim on physical, emotional and financial damages. An auto accident attorney has the knowledge, resources and ability to get experts you need in court. If you’re located in South Florida, check out this list of the best car accident attorneys of Miami.

Remember, your ability to recover from these injuries and your financial future is dependent on how you handle this claim. Do not leave it to chance. Have a competent attorney to guide you through the process.

Prove Liability

The most complex part of an automobile accident claim process is proving that another party’s negligence caused your injuries. But why is it important? Individuals who suffer harm due to actions or inactions of others have a right to compensation.

However, all parties in this accident will attempt to shift blame. As such, proving negligence on any party becomes difficult.

A competent automobile accident attorney will sift through evidence and determine who caused the injuries. With this, the attorney can build a strong case in your favor.

Further, the attorney will use their skills and knowledge to collect evidence that supports your case. In doing so, they’ll:

  • Consult your doctors to validate the seriousness of your physical injuries and mental scars.
  • Obtain the accident report from the relevant government authorities.
  • Gather and consolidate all your medical records from your doctors.
  • Interview and record witness statements
  • Reconstruct the accident scene to get a better understanding of what transpired on that day.

Hire an Auto Accident Attorney Today

Hiring a competent car accident lawyer like Fisher and Talwar acts to your advantage. The lawyers have the drive, dedication and resources to pursue your case to the very end. That’s the only way to realize your case’s fullest value and ensure maximum compensation.

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