What are the 5 Best SEO Keyword Ranking Tracking Tools

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When you decide to use a particular SEO keyword ranking tracking tool, you want to know if it is the right one or if it will pay off and if you are searching for the right tracking tools, then this article is here to save you with this. In this article, we will discuss various ranking tools with you and make it easier for you to decide. Each rank tracker has been reviewed, its advantages and disadvantages outlined to you, and we have also specified what every tool is good for. In this article, you will also know the best agency tracker and Yahoo rank tracking.

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Best SEO keyword ranking tracking tools

1. Pro Rank Tracker

When you hear the word pro rank tracker, you might wonder what it is. Well, this is a cloud-based ranking and tracking network that offers SMBs and huge organizations a single platform in which they can be able to check the ranking positions of keywords, websites and videos accurately.  When you want to provide your users with a detailed SEO ranking remedy, you should opt for a pro rank tracker.

When you have a pro rank tracker in your organization, you will be able to rank websites, keywords and videos effectively, and you can also track rankings in any particular language worldwide. Moreover, it allows users to manage data and generate data in eleven different languages.

Benefits of using pro rank tracker

  • It supports integration with Drop box and G Drive, giving users a chance to save reports immediately or at a scheduled time.
  • It is a native mobile application on iOS and Android, allowing users to manage their accounts while on the move.

2. SE ranking

SE ranking is an all-in-one SEO forum with a powerful rank tracking tool. It is also very affordable and has collaboration tools, white-label capabilities and flexible pricing strategies. When you have the SE rankings keyboard, you will be able to stay on top of your ranking position across all locations and significant search engines like Yahoo, Bing and YouTube. You will also be able to see data from both desktop and mobile results separately to see how your ranking on two different devices.

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  • Provides you with valid data.
  • Has collaboration tools.
  • It is an all-in-one SEO suite.
  • Has white labeling.

3. Semrush

If your organization is at an enterprise level you need semrush since it offers you all the devices you need to run sophisticated SEO campaigns in one package. It is one of the best choices for professional SEO, large team and organizations. It also offers an unparalleled feature set with the most advanced tools you can find anywhere. With semrush, you will be able to track Google and Baidu’s SERP volatility by monitoring changes in organic ranking positions and look out for signs that there may be an essential update to the ranking algorithm. Other than rack tracking software, it comes with other unique tools to help with most aspects of your digital marketing operations.


  • Semrush is a complete digital marketing toolkit.
  • Offers you accurate and reliable data.
  • With semrush, you get daily ranking data updates.

4. Ahrefs

When you want to build high-quality back links for your site, Ahref is the software you need to help you with this. It has the best link index among all SEO tools, and you can use this tool to unearth your profile and construct your back link. Moreover, you can use Ahref to track your rankings on Google; you can use it to perform technical audits and do keyword research via keywords explorer.


  • The latest iteration of keywords explorer sets high standards for keyword research.
  • The UI is slick and user-friendly.
  • Email alerts assist you in keeping track of new and lost back links and ranking for essential keywords.

5. Moz

Moz was founded by Fishkin Asha, the Wizard of Moz, in 2004, and Moz is one of the most common SEO tracking tools because of the cult-like popularity of Fishkin in the marketing arena. Moz relies on SEO metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority to give insights on link equity, keyword ranking, page optimization reports and more. However, Moz has not improved over the years, which needs to change.


  • The page optimization feature allows you to identify and fix on-page issues with your site and boost search rankings.
  • Has excellent customer support. A 1-on-1 product walkthrough is available for all plans.
  • The audit tool includes a neat selection known as ‘Moz Recommends Fixing’.


With all this information, you cow select the right SEO tracking tool that fits your organization and helps you reach the level you want. Keep in mind having an SEO tracking tool is essential, but you need to make sure you have the right tool first.

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