Why Are Good Executive Assistants Vital For a Modern Company?

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Running a business or organization is no easy task. From meetings to traveling to talking to other executives, there is only so much you can do. That is why executives and other high-level roles like to hire an executive assistant to help ease their work. But that is not the only reason why executives hire executive assistants.

Higher Productivity

Unlike administrative assistants who offer help to almost anyone in the company, executive assistants will only help senior staff members. That means they have a higher role than administrative assistants. And can make decisions that can affect the success of a company.

Executive assistants will do a little bit of everything as long as it comes from the executive. Some of the tasks they can perform are:

  • Research
  • Schedule meetings
  • Connect with clients and other executives
  • Take minutes
  • Write, edit and proofread materials
  • Organize tasks and files
  • Compose internal and external communication

Good executive assistants will not say no to a good challenge. So executives can count on them to do important tasks while focusing on other things.

Improved Communication

When executive assistants work with top executives, they’ll also meet and connect with people like other executives from different fields and clients. Their role also gives them access to almost, if not all, essential aspects of the company. So they’ll probably know plenty of people in the company.

Other than the secretary, if the company has one in the first place, the executive assistant serves as the gatekeeper between their boss and other executives, clients, employees, and other internal and external parties. They are the people you can count on who’s who and who to reach when you need someone. 

If you do not have the time to meet with such people, you can let your executive assistant serve as your face and voice. They can draft emails, respond to questions and make phone calls on your behalf. And you can be sure they can represent you and your company in the best way possible.

Access to More Ideas and New Perspectives

In most cases, the executive assistant acts as the executive’s right-hand man. Some have front-row seats in board meetings and first-hand access to essential information in the company. 

If business executives have great trust in their executive assistants, they will seek guidance from them, may it be for small decisions or great ones. 

The executive assistant also has decision-making powers on behalf of the executive. So if you ask them about their perspective on what options to choose, they’ll tell you the advantages and disadvantages of your decision. 

Better Planning Organization

Parts of the duty of an executive assistant are to organize and manage an executive’s personal and professional schedule. They’ll make a strategy to maximize an executive’s limited time each day.

Executive assistants will work on their schedules as well. They are super-organized individuals who have a checklist of what to do.

Constant Support

Even though executive assistants exclusively work under executives, they’ll also provide support to anyone in the company if necessary. With the set of skills they possess, you can expect them to do anything. So executives don’t need to worry about anyone in their company because they know their executive assistant is ready to help.


If you feel like your executive role is putting too much strain on your mind and body, hiring an executive assistant will help with this problem. They have the skills to organize and manage your time and help with important decisions in the company. That is why they play a vital role in any company.

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