What’s Worth It in Weight Loss Tech?

Weight Loss Tech

Obesity is spreading across the Western world at an alarming rate. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases(NIDDK), 2 in every 3 adults are overweight or obese. Besides, the ready availability of cheap snack and takeaway food has contributed to this epidemic. This rise in obesity has, however, grown in tandem with an ever-increasing range of weight loss technology solutions.

Many people trying to lose weight are turning to technology to find a solution. Still, it is essential to note that some tech only offers a placebo effect at best. So, what works and what doesn’t? Well, here’s a closer look.


Indeed, you can shed off the extra pounds through riding a motorized bike and dietary modulation. Even then, the greatest hindrance is lack of motivation. It can take weeks, even months, to lose your desired sum of weight.  What’s more? Fatigue and complacency can set in. That’s precisely why smartphone apps have become so effective.

Often free, these technological wonders can help you to stay motivated and lose more weight in the long term. Smartphone apps, such as MyFitnessPal, allow you to monitor your exercise and calorie progress.

It educates you about what progress you’re making, what foods you might want to avoid and how many pounds you’re losing each week. It’s akin to a school report – highlighting areas of strength but, more importantly, shining a light on where you need to improve.

Motivation is the key to weight loss success. Add the beauty of it is that you can download these apps in a second and start to reap their therapeutic dividends.

Fitness Trackers

Though smartphone apps offer a real and valuable contribution, they’re not the only technological means through which you can lose weight. Fitness trackers are enormously powerful tools, too. Wearing a light but technologically advanced watch, such as the Fitbit, is one such way.

It effectively monitors your exercise regimen, calories, and distance. Like the apps above, the Fitbit boosts morale and motivation, helping you shed even more pounds. On the flipside, however, Fitbit comes at a cost – often exceeding $100. But, given how essential weight loss is to your life goals, this is a modest price to pay.

Smart Scales

Yes, weighing scales have a place in the 21st century. Though conventional scales abound, more people than ever are turning to “smart scales.”

Through Bluetooth wireless technology, smart scales allow you to connect the results of the scales to your phone device. Studies have shown that fitness enthusiasts who monitor their weight loss on scales every 5-6 days on average, are more likely to lose weight. Part of the reason is, of course, due to the motivational theme mentioned earlier on.

The Yunmai Bluetooth smart scale is one such example. It assists with weight loss management and, in conjunction with the technologies we reviewed above, can have a transformative impact on your long-term progress.

See? It isn’t that hard to use technology to help you stay fit. You only need to know where to spend your cash.

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