10 Hi-tech Upgrades to Future-proof Your Home


Home technology trends seem to come and go in a flash. Case in point: the clap-activated light switches and tea-maker alarm clocks from the 80s. Both offered exciting glimpses into the future when new, but today, they’re widely seen as outmoded and kitsch!

If your home is starting to resemble a time-capsule, perhaps it’s time you treated it to a tech makeover. Even the most dated dwellings can be brought into the 2020s on a relatively modest budget. Want to know how?

We’ve put together a list of 10 must-haves for a modern, hi-tech abode. Ready to join the future? Then let’s get started …

Smart TV

Smart TVs provide easy access to a wide array of channels, featuring top-notch drama, music, comedy, films and more besides – all without the need to connect an aerial or a subscription. What’s more, the leading smart TVs on the market also offer additional features such as web browsing and gaming.

And of course, smart TVs boast two more selling points that have always been sought after by home viewers – a pin sharp picture and rich, clear sound! Try one out at your local electronics store and you’ll see why in 2021, smart TVs are at the cutting-edge of home entertainment.

New Windows

Modern living is all about efficiency. And, the new windows on the market are specifically designed to reduce heat loss and deliver far superior performance in this field when compared to their older counterparts.

Not only that, today’s windows are available in a slew of clever configurations, including tilt-and-turn, reversible, and flush-fit. There are also numerous frame styles and designs to choose from, with something to complement each and every modern home’s decor.

Smart Wi-fi Mesh Router

Most of the gadgets on our list require a decent, stable Wi-fi connection. Standard routers often have a limited range, which can create Wi-fi dead spots in certain parts of your home, where the signal is simply too weak for connected devices to function correctly.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s worth considering investing in a smart Wi-fi mesh router. These smart routers can help ensure connectivity throughout your home, whilst also acting as a ‘home automation hub’, making it that much easier to control and set up all your smart devices.

Kit Out Your Bathroom with Smart Tech

You might be forgiven for thinking that bathroom technology hasn’t changed much in recent decades. However, in truth, there is an abundance of clever bathroom gadgets on the market right now.

For instance, waterproof Bluetooth speakers enable users to listen to music and podcasts – all whilst having a soak in the bath.

You can also invest in a set of ‘smart scales’. Some models allow you to track your weight and BMI over a period of time and even pair with your Fitbit app! With the latest data-driven fitness tech at your disposal, hitting a new personal best has never been simpler – or more fun.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

That’s right, in 2021, you can delegate floor and carpet cleaning duties to a robot. The most advanced models on the market, like dreame W10 robot cleaners, can generate maps of their cleaning areas, allowing them to trace increasingly effective routes while eliminating dust and debris from your floors over time.

Robot vacuum cleaners tend to fare best with bare floors, although the leading models can also tackle carpeted surfaces reasonably well. This technology has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, and you can expect to see even smarter robot vacuums on sale in the near future!

Smart Speakers

Voice-activated smart speakers offer tonnes of helpful features such as controlling your lights, TV, music playlists – and even placing online shopping orders! Smart speakers are one of the most popular ‘smart home’ devices; global sales surpassed 150 million in 2020.

Amazon’s Alexa is the most famous smart speaker on the market, although there are many others available, to suit a range of budgets and requirements.

Make Your Lights Smart

A few tastefully-placed lamps and ceiling lights can make any home brighter. And, ultra-modern LED ceiling lamps and lights can create a pleasing ambiance in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways. What’s more, you can even configure your lighting setups to work with your smart speakers!

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can make your home a whole lot smarter, without the need to break the bank. They can be used to automate almost any wired appliance (that utilises an on/off switch). With the help of a few well-placed smart plugs, you’ll be the master of your domain, controlling your appliances by voice command or via your phone!

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells allow you to see who is at your door from inside your home, speak to visitors without opening the door – and track visitors who come to your door whilst you’re out. They also double up as security cameras. Some models also utilise night vision technology, providing a clearer view after dark.

Your video doorbell can also be paired with smart displays such as Google Assistant, Amazon Echo Show or Lenovo Smart Display. When your smart doorbell is paired with a smart display, you’ll be able to screen visitors and notify them if they have called at a busy time.

Besides providing added security and peace of mind, a video doorbell can also notify you when your parcels arrive, helping to make sure you don’t miss out on those deliveries you’ve been waiting on.

Let There be Light(ing)

A few cleverly-placed lamps and ceiling lights can lend a pleasing ambiance to your home. Hi-tech LED ceiling lamps and lights can add panache to your kitchen, hallway, bedrooms and bathrooms. Remember, you can configure your new lights to work with your smart speakers, allowing for complete control and customisation!

Ready for a Smarter Future?

Many thanks for reading our latest article! We hope you now have plenty of inspiration on how to kit your home out with smart tech. No matter what gadgets you ultimately decide on, we hope you enjoy your new, futuristic home setup!

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