What Next? after my MBA course?

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You have just completed your Management in Business Administration. Is this the next question that pops up in your mind? WHAT NEXT? Well, to cut a long story short- It’s an ocean out there.

The job opportunities for MBA graduates are innumerable and the choice is hard to make. The good thing today is that you have the internet to your rescue. A good browse over the internet can introduce you to a Top Education Portal that guides you through this storm. 

As an MBA, you are taught the principles of business administration. This gives you an upper hand when it comes to choosing the right career path after MBA.

There are many factors involved when you are deciding your post MBA career path. Some of you may look at something that interests you while others may want to look at some of the Highest Paying Management Jobs.

MBA graduates are in demand all over the world. Companies are now looking to hire MBA graduates to give their companies a professional makeover. Therefore, it is understood that as an MBA, you have to work that extra mile to give the company what they are looking for. 

Before we discuss the various MBA career paths and opportunities available, you need to understand that choosing the right job involves several factors and elements. After careful consideration of all these factors, you can make a good decision. 

  • Working hours: Make sure you are aware of the working hours in your job profile. At times you will be working overtime or on weekends. Be prepared and willing to do this.
  • Salaries: One of the factors influencing students these days is the take-home package. Make sure you are clear about the terms you accept from the company before accepting the offer.
  • Location: You may look at taking up a job in a city or country other than your hometown. In this case, make sure you study the pros and cons of living in rental accommodation, travel time and daily costs of living in the new city before you decide to take up the job offer. 
  • Job description: Many students decide to take up the first job that comes their way. At times they take up a job that gives the highest pay package. It is advisable to take up a job that suits your personality and liking. Sometimes this may take up a lot of your time and effort, but waiting for the right job finally gives you job satisfaction too. The wait for the right job may just be worth it. 

Below, we have mentioned some of the career options available after an MBA. You can get an idea of what kind of jobs are available in the market today.

You can shortlist a few options from the list below and make in-depth research into the job profile

Business development manager

As the name suggests, business development management helps to enhance a business. A business development manager coordinates and develops the different sections of a company.  

Financial advisor

A financial advisor provides investment advice to individuals. Advice could be in the form of share investment or capital investment in a company. An MBA in finance is a prerequisite for this job profile. 

Investment banker and Private Equity

An investment banker must have a financial background because the main job profile of an investment banker is to raise capital for the company through various means. 

Close on the heels of Investment Banking is Private equity. It refers to investment for restructuring companies that are not publicly traded. 

An MBA graduate with a strong financial background may be interested in such a job profile. 

Human Resources Manager

An MBA graduate can land a job as a Human Resources manager. They recruit the right people for the right job profile within the company

Marketing and Sales Manager

The marketing and sales department is one of the most important departments of a company. Finally, it is the sale of a product or service that increases or decreases the profits for a company.

A marketing and sales manager looks into every aspect from the promotion of the products or services to its sale. A sales manager has to ensure that all sales representatives meet their personal sales targets and thereby enhance the profits of the company.


Another career path post-MBA is that of management consultants. The job profile of a management consultant is to come up with innovative ideas for businesses and offer solutions to problems of different companies.

Data interpreter or analyst

With e-commerce becoming an important wing of the business, the role of a data analyst has become important. A data interpreter or analyst translates data into information that can be used by a business thereby converting the information into profits for the company. A data analyst gathers information from various sources, interprets this information and makes it useful for the company to use. 

The following is a table showing the average salary per annum of an MBA graduate in India, under various job profiles.

Job Profile Salary per annum (Rs)Source
MBA in finance6,78,000www.payscale.com
MBA in Marketing7,52,000www.payscale.com
MBA Data analyst6,50000www.glassdoor.co.in
MBA Business Developer5,97,000www.payscale.com
MBA consultant9,77,000www.payscale.com
MBA investment Banking10,67,000www.glassdoor.co.in
MBA HR6,25,000www.payscale.com

The above table is just an indication of the average salaries per annum of MBA graduates in India. Salaries are not constant and may vary from company to company. It also depends on various other factors like work experience and the size of the company.

MBA graduates have a wide scope of opportunity. Apart from the demand for MBA graduates in India, there has been a recent calling for MBA graduates by companies abroad.

The level of professionalism and the curriculum are all attracting factors that have put MBA graduates on the map. Another added advantage for MBA graduates from India is the fluency in the English language. This has become the deciding factor for many companies overseas. 

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