What Is the Class 8 Olympiad Exam?


Students in class 8 are eligible to take the Class 8 Olympiad test. The Indian Talent Olympiad aspires to put the best foot forward. Students may pick any subject and engage in one or all of the subjects provided. This exam will benefit students in the future when they have to take additional competitive examinations. Olympiad examinations lay the groundwork for a child’s future.

As children approach high school, it is critical that they are offered more practice opportunities. Students in standard 8 must have confidence in answering a range of questions. The IMO Book for Class 8 has everything they need to compete on a national and international level. It allows pupils to respond to a variety of queries. The Mathematics book provided by the Indian Talent Olympiad is highly interesting. It greatly engages pupils. Each chapter is explained in simple terms. Every chapter includes practising questions with answers and explanations for the right answers. Students are urged to answer as many questions as they can. This would aid them in performing well in their final Olympiad tests.

The curriculum is largely the same as that specified by the school. As a result, such tests improve students’ academic achievement. The syllabus for the Class 8 Olympiad test is the same as that of the school. Students from all boards are encouraged to participate in the well-known Maths Olympiad. It enables pupils to assess their own talents. Students in Class 8 have already begun their journey into high school education. It is at this point that contests begin to emerge. Olympiad examinations might be one method for pupils to be exposed to challenging problems. It instils conceptual knowledge of what is taught in the classroom. It enables them to be comprehensive across all chapters.

The information for the class 8 Olympiad has been picked with great care and precision. It carefully adheres to the curriculum established by the ICSE, CBSE, and state boards. Students will comprehend rational numbers, integers, and whole numbers. They will also understand the significance of linear equations. In the ninth and tenth grades, questions are primarily focused on various equations with variables. Geometry is another lesson that will be essential for advanced mathematics.

Students learn quadrilaterals, polygons, cubes, hexagons, pentagons, and much more. Data has evolved into an essential component of mathematics. Thus, data management is one of the subject’s core components. Students are taught how to search for information, arrange data, group data, circle the graph, and draw conclusions. They are also taught about square and cube roots. They are taught to compare values, recognise algebraic equations, perceive solid forms, exponents, power, factorization, and a variety of other skills. In summary, individuals who grasp the class 8 Olympiad course get to play with numbers.

Chapters for the math Olympiad= 

Chapter 1: Rational Number

Chapter 2: Exponents and Powers

Chapter 3: Square and Square Roots

Chapter 4: Cube and Cube Roots

Chapter 5: Math Magic

Chapter 6: Factorization

Chapter 7: Comparing Quantities

Chapter 8: Direct and Indirect Proportion

Chapter 9: Operation On Algebraic Expressions

Chapter 10: Understanding Quadrilateral and Practical Geometry

Chapter 11: Mensuration

Chapter 12: Data Handling

Chapter 13: Logical Reasoning


  • Indian Talent Olympiad organises a maths Olympiad for students in grade 8. This test is given at both the national and international levels. The IMO Book for Class 8 is intended to familiarise pupils with the types of questions that will appear in Olympiad tests. The Workbook offers a chapter-by-chapter multiple-choice question bank separated into Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, Everyday Mathematics, and Achievers Sections, with Hints and explanations at the conclusion of the book. The Olympiad workbooks also include the most recent exam paper with the answer key to providing current exam understanding. It provides entire question preparation as well as a rapid review with self-analysis for excellent success in Olympiads.
  • Take notes while you read Olympiad preparatory material and solve papers like IMO Sample Paper 2 for Class 8.
  • Once you’ve finished reading the preparatory material, begin with chapter-by-chapter questions or examinations. You’ll be able to analyse your strong and weak themes in this manner, which might be quite beneficial.
  • Then, depending on the Level of Olympiad exam for Class 8, study previous year Level 1 example papers and Level 2 sample papers.
  • Once you believe you have a firm grasp on the bulk of themes, it is time to tackle question papers based on previous year Olympiad examinations.
  • For students to solve, the Indian Talent Olympiad gives a comprehensive collection of Sample Paper for IMO Class 8 with an answer key. The package includes the prior year’s exam papers. As a result, it not only helps people taking the Olympiad examinations but also those who desire to do well in their school exams. It improves kids’ cognitive abilities. It helps them to answer a range of queries that may appear difficult at times. Teachers advise all students to solve problems from these sets in order to have a better comprehension of the questions.
  • This is not your typical school exam. A more in-depth understanding of each idea is necessary, as well as a greater degree of academic and practical expertise.
  • If you use the internet wisely, it may be your best friend; you can obtain useful material on a variety of platforms, such as YouTube videos or websites that provide practise exams. The knowledge or approaches for solving tough arithmetic problems might be the heart of your time savings.
  • Time is critical to the effectiveness of your preparation; beginning your preparation early can only improve your performance. Create a timetable and split your time to properly practise all of the topics.
  • Testing yourself using online and physical exams in a timely manner can assist you in preparing for any challenges that may arise during the Olympiad.
  • Remember that, at the end of the day, your teachers are likely to be your finest sources of knowledge, since they have a good understanding of your strengths and limitations from educating you. Taking notes on your teacher’s recommendations will significantly improve your performance during your Math Olympiad.
  • During an Olympiad, stress will only confuse your judgement. Find out what helps you relax, whether it’s taking deep breaths, going for a stroll, or drinking tea. It’s just another test; don’t let the pressure affect you emotionally.
  • Finally, before the big day, you should assess your status among the national students.

If you want to do well in the Indian Maths Olympiad and learn how to work smart rather than hard, I hope these recommendations assist. Best wishes on the exam.

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