What Is Patriotic Education and its importance?

Patriotic Education

The state of every country wants to invoke pride of the flag and nation among its citizens. For this person, the governments all over the world take various steps to induce patriotism. Patriotism is the act of devoting oneself to one’s nation or country. Patriotism also reveals strong love and healthy emotions in one’s country. Whatever patriotism means to you; it is supposed that it is a shared appreciation throughout the country. Before moving towards the patriotic education, you need to know the importance of the patriotism.

Why patriotism is important?

Patriotism is important in multiple ways. It benefits not only governments, masses, nations rather it affects the life of an individual as well. Here are given some important factors that play an important role in the lives of citizens:

  • Patriotism offers identity: Patriotic behavior gives you an identity. You are known with the nameof your country irrespective of the race, cast, creed, and religion. For instance, studying in a foreign country, your fellow will call you with as Pakistani, Indian, American or whatever your national identity is.
  • Patriotism and love of fellow citizens:  Love and care for fellow citizens: As a patriotic person, you will definitely like to care for fellow citizens. All citizens of a nation are strangers to each other. A patriotic nation implies strong affection to the citizens’ residents within the same national borders. When you can like and get committed to stranger citizens this affection can be spread out to the whole humanity as well.  
  • Shared goals as one nation: All nations or people of a country keep shared goals. Patriotic people have the same goals and intentions for their country. Wherever you will find your country’s man, you surely care and feel attachment irrespective of the borders. Patriotic citizens have pride in the country and join the whole nation as a unit. It is the reason in case of war or any natural calamity; you will see patriotic citizens joining their hands to become stronger and defeat all difficulties and hurdles as a unit.    
  • Loyalty with the government: Patriots are always ready to sacrifice their every possession even their lives for the state. A loyal person is faithful to the country in all circumstances. It is the reason that soldiers fight for their states and keep themselves all-time ready to get martyred. 

The roots of patriotism connected with the education

How patriotic feeling can be invoked among the citizens?Some people considered that patriotic feelings are inborne others deny it. After the defeat of Napoleon’s army, Prussian a German philosopher suggested that education should be a source of deteriorating the free will of the people. He further suggested that schooling is the greatest tool to educate any individual that actual freedom lies in working for the state. People need to teach that work gives them liberty. Prussia described the state as a powerful unit. From Prussia’s notion, the state is considered a father-like figure that requires the loyalty of its citizens. From the Research Prospect, who is famous for his literature review writing service, the vision of public schools is to cultivate human spirit among the individuals. The philosophy of Prussia disrupted this vision and the purpose of public school was envisioned as a source of making individuals loyal to the nation or the country.

John Taylor Gatto is an educator and he found how public schools change the minds gradually and snatch the concept of freedom. Children have to obey orders delivered in the form of bell ringing for every study period and break time. Children have to study curriculum in fragments and they have been judged as good or bad students via their grades. Those who do not fulfill the requirements of the school orders are referred to as rebellions, get poor grades, or expelled from the institute.  

Approximately every developed country has been trying to impose patriotic educational programs in schools. To induce patriotism, youth is the best source in the country. Let us discuss the efforts of various developed countries in relevance to patriotic education:


 American schools are doing efforts to invoke patriotism among school children. Yet developments are needed to reach the goal of patriotic education.  


In China, various state factors are working in schools, and colleges to enhance the love of the country among the nation. But Chinese patriotic education did not cause blind obedience rather it has insisted the youth to move towards political parties and take interest in the national interests.


Russian society is a multinational society that has multiple geopolitical schedules. In such regions, it seems difficult to promote patriotism. Russian think tanks consider it compulsory to renew the patriotic programs held by the military and the state jointly. During research conducted by Omelchenko in Russia, it was explored that social inequality, poor standards of living, and education from unsatisfactory institutions are the obstacles in the way of revealing patriotic behavior.

Common tools used for patriotic education


Textbooks and school education are tools for promoting patriotism for the country. The School curriculum includes amended history to reveal the nation as “a great nation.” The reason to target young angels is that it is easy to spring patriotism in fresh and young minds.

School policies

The national anthem is made compulsory to sing in the schools. National and military days are celebrated in the schools with full zeal. All these policies are included in patriotic education.    

Historical places& Museums

The visiting of historical places is also a part of patriotic commitments. But historical places show their elegance and dignity to the majority of the outside visitors. Yet schools and institutes settle trips to explore the success of great heroes of the nation.

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The studies conducted under various research methodology describe that patriotic education is not only confined to the love and care for the nation rather you can see it in a broader perspective as a war against drugs and illegal acts, working in the welfare of the state free of cost, joining military services, and devoting one’s time for the country.




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  1. Multinational society that has multiple geopolitical schedules. In such regions, it seems difficult to promote patriotism. Russian think tanks consider it compulsory to renew the patriotic.

  2. Those who do not fulfill the requirements of the school orders are referred to as rebellions, get poor grades, or expelled from the institute.

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