Fantastic Office Birthday Celebration Ideas

Office Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthdays are one such special day of everyone’s life wherein people like to enjoy their day, being on their own, along with their loved ones. But then life happens…and our ideals of having the best birthday bash (just what we had thought of) remain just an unexecuted plan only. One minute we are planning what we should be doing on our special day, the other minute we are probably packing our bags to hit our office. No matter, how much we deny the fact but the truth is – no one likes to work or go to the office on their birthdays. Isn’t it? But what if, we tell you some kickass office birthday celebration ideas to treat your colleague whose birthday is soon approaching? Would you care to please him/her with just a wish like this – “What a beautiful experience having you as a colleague is. Happy birthday”? If yes, then these are a few ideas to throw him/her an awesome office birthday party. Take leads and start with your preparations. 

1. Birthday Cake

As you have no time amidst preparing your next deck for the meeting and preparing for your colleague’s birthday, so chuck out the idea of baking a cake from home in his/her honour and rather, order it online. Look for some great birthday cake online options over a reputed bakery’s website and opt for its cake delivery in Mumbai, Noida, Delhi or whichever XYZ place where your corporate office is situated.  

2. Decorations

What’s even a birthday without some fancy desk or cabin decorations? Nothing, right? So let the good time roll for your office buddy as you decorate the place where he/she sits to surprise him/her. Something like this act of yours wouldn’t just be a surprise but also will help him/her to set the party vibes right here in the office. So, get some funky birthday caps, colourful streamers and birthday-themed foil balloons to switch on the birthday fever.

3. Birthday Gift

If your company likes to pamper its employees with some kind of birthday gift, then you are already sorted with this part. But if not, then all your colleagues or office friends can contribute some amount and can pamper him/her with some gift card or vouchers. A gift card will be a win-win situation for both the parties as it will save your time thinking about what to give and also will bless the birthday boy/girl with a gift of his/her choice (that won’t be required to get exchanged). Voila!

4. Greeting Card/ Birthday Note

Nothing makes one feel super special than reading some beautiful words dedicated to him/her on his/her birthday. Hence, a beautiful greeting card having some even more beautiful words inked on the inside is sure to melt anyone’s heart for sure and is also sure to forget all kinds of blues of celebrating one’s birthday in office.

So, this was some of the fantastic office birthday celebration ideas to treat your office peer over. They might not be family by blood, but they are the ones with whom you spend most of your time (eagerly or uninterestedly). Make sure, to help them add these office birthday memories to their book of memorabilia.

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