5 Ideas for English Schools to Teach English Creatively

Teach English

English is a language that’s a huge force all around the world. Going to an English school Chiang Mai residents can trust can be a game-changer. Learning English can be beneficial for pupils for all sorts of reasons. It can help them with careers, corporate training matters, interpersonal relationships and a whole lot more. If you want to teach English in a fresh manner, then you have to think outside the box. Try your best to establish an English playground of sorts for all of your hard-working students.

1. Sharing Personal Experiences

Teachers who want to teach English in innovative ways should zero in on sharing their own personal experiences with language. Doing so can make the concept of English feel a lot more “real” and accessible. If you want your students to think about your own language learning strategies, then you have to be as relatable as possible. You can become a lot more relatable by being open with your anecdotes and experiences overall.

2. Encouraging Students to Communicate

Open communication can do a lot. If you want to take an innovative and exciting approach to teach English, then you should encourage your pupils to talk with each other freely. Try to motivate your students to put each other on the spot. If you pave the way for communication that feels natural and effortless, then you may start noticing huge changes in how your students speak and write in their new languages.

3. Relying on Visual Aids

Visual aids can do so much for students who want to learn English. There are all sorts of exciting and effective options in visual aids for language on hand in this day and age as well. You may want to create flashcards for vocabulary words. The flashcards shouldn’t only consist of plain text, either. Introducing memorable and clear photographs to them may go a long way. It may simplify the process of making key words permanent inside of your students’ brains.

4. Going on Outings That Revolve Around the English Language

You may want to set up a trip to a local park or grocery store with your students. Once you get to your destination, you can point out the words in English for literally everything you see. If you see a park bench, make sure your students know how to describe it in English. If you see a can of soup at a supermarket, make sure they know how to do the same thing. Getting out into the “real world” can do a lot for people who want ideas to stick inside of their diligent students’ brains for good. It can be a lot easier to remember things from personal experiences. Remembering concepts from seemingly “stuffy” and boring textbooks may be difficult for many people nowadays.

5. Motivating Your Students to Speak English During Their Free Time

If you want your students to wow the world with their English talents, then you should motivate them to speak the language amongst themselves as much as possible. Tell them to pretend like their native tongues do not exist. This can make a massive difference in any English educational journey.

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