What does your home say about your lifestyle?

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There is a very popular adage saying “Home is where the heart is”. You might meet a person time and again, but not know him completely. However, if you visit the house of the person, you might be able to know about his choices, personality traits, attitude and even his lifestyle in detail.

Your home reflects all the above-mentioned aspects brilliantly. Though your home is your haven of security and comfort, it is also the place where personalities are developed and explored. It is also a place where the choices you made in your life are reflected. Home is a place for self-reflection, for identifying with the kind of lifestyle we lead and so on.

A neat and tidy home – it can be an apartment or a full-fledged house – speaks a lot of the owner. It has to be understood that owner prioritizes great sense of order in the property. Usually in such homes, you will find that things are arranged in their respective places. If there is a lawn, it is properly mowed, if there is a garden it is well maintained. Thoughts have been invested on curb appeal. Infact, the owner also manages time to keep things in order and place and maintain the details.

The size of the house – Size and location of the home also reflects the lifestyle that the homeowner leads. If the size of the home is large and the location is central, it means that the person leads an affluent lifestyle with decent earnings. It also gives an idea of the earning bracket of the individual. Other factors which indicate towards affluent state of the homeowner include the state of the garden (if any), expensive and exclusive furniture pieces, extravagant fittings and accessories, etc.The finishing touches of the house will be just perfect for an opulent home owner.

Color Scheme – Focus on the kinds of colors which are used in the house. These provide a great deal of information on the personality traits of the home owner as well as on the kind of lifestyle that they lead. And the colors that we are talking about relate to the interiors as well as exteriors of the house. You will see that generally people who are adventurous and expressive choose bright colors for their walls. However, if you see neutral shades or lighter shades, the personality of the person is a cautious one. In many houses, you might see a combination of colors. These are more balanced people and are believed to lead a decent lifestyle.

Décor and interiors – If you go to the house of a person and find that his home has much open space with open-plan kitchens and lounges, you can be sure that the person is very social in nature and hosts guests quite often. Usually the kitchen and dining area in the main hub in such homes. Social activities are quite high for such home owners. It also shows that the people lead a highly sophisticated lifestyle with elegant choices.

Next time if you really want to know about anybody, try visiting their home for understanding them and their lifestyle better.

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