Best Plants You Can Grow For Positivity In Your PG In Bangalore

Best Plants

Bangalore is also known as the ‘Garden City of India’, so if you are living in a PG in Bangalore and planning to grow some potted plants, you are in accordance with the city’s spirit. Jokes aside, keeping potted plants and maintaining them is akin to having a pet, it can be therapeutic and engaging at the same time which can lead to an overall positive effect in your immediate surroundings and life in general. It will also make you look forward to coming back home to your PG after a long day of toiling at work or college.  Although professionally managed PGs like Stanza Living (visit website) maintain proper aesthetics in their living spaces, you can always add to the ambience of your room through potted plants.

Here are some indoor plants you can grow in the confines of your room in a PG in Bangalore.

Boston Fern

While the name might suggest otherwise, Boston Fern is not exclusive to Boston and grows very well in our own Garden City. This fern is not just aesthetic, it has practical uses as well. It is known for its air-cleansing properties and being a fern, it does not take up a lot of space, making it perfect for indoor use, especially in shared accommodation like a PG. This lively plant can brighten up any living space and your room should be no exception.

Jade Plant

This tiny plant has full, succulent leaves and thick stems which give it a miniature tree-like appearance. It is also known as a ‘money plant’ in a lot of places. Although this plant requires little to no maintenance, you should never let it dry out completely. Remember to water the plant and you will receive a gift of beautiful pink blossoms every winter. It is a fairly popular indoor plant for obvious reasons and will add a quiet, rustic charm to your room.

Money Plant

Not the Jade Plant, this is the quintessential money plant we all know and love. This timeless creeper is a staple in most Indian homes and requires little to no maintenance. You can let it grow in a quiet, dark corner or let the vine creep along your balcony; this versatile plant makes every space look good. The heart-shaped leaves are known to everyone and will provide some familial comfort to you.

Chinese Evergreen

This is also a staple in Indian homes and for good reason; this sturdy plant with silver and green hues is very easy to maintain and adds colour to the darkest of corners in your room. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the plant also has natural air purification properties and would be a brilliant addition to your room in your PG. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and will fit in well with your other plants. It can survive low-light and water conditions without losing its visual brilliance. Plants can help you personalize your PG space and make it more comfortable. Professionally managed PG accommodation have ample space for all your belongings, plants included. Such accommodations alsotake care of your essential requirements like cleaning, laundry and food, leaving you with a lot of time to set-up your living space in any way you find appealing. Potted plants are known to bring tranquillity and peace to the homes they are in, you can use potted plants to bring a piece of home to your living space in the big city. 

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