What are some common food allergy substitutes?

food allergy

Having food allergies don’t mean you have to give up on your favourite meals. There are various substitutes for food items that you can try out. People fear baby eczema if children have anything inappropriate. Millions of people get affected by food allergies, with the number only rising. Many experts are still trying to find out the reasons for food allergies. Further, as a parent with a child with a food allergy, it’s best not to introduce certain foods to your kids.

Food sensitivity Vs Food Allergy

Food sensitivity is not that severe, causing mild digestive problems. But food allergies are life-threatening. For instance, lactose intolerance is a type of food sensitivity. Children can take nutramigen to get rid of food intolerances.

Most common food allergy substitutes


Dairy is found in wide ranges of food products like milk, ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, etc. This allergy makes it difficult to deal with so many recipes. Besides, the most common substitute for butter is margarine. Coconut oil can also be taken on a 1:1 ratio. Margarine is not that great for health, so choose the brands carefully. Also, if you want, you can try canola oil as a replacement for butter.

For other products like cheese, cream, etc., there are dairy-free products available. Soy is used as a substitute, provided the children don’t suffer from a soy allergy.


Egg allergy doesn’t have many substitutes except fried and scrambled eggs. Scrambled tofu is a great alternative also. Also, many baking requires eggs, so people with egg allergy can’t have many cakes and pastries. Children can get baby eczema if they have eggs suddenly.

Sometimes flaxseed powder and unflavoured gelatine are used in place of eggs.


Avoiding nuts also become so tricky. But if a child with a peanut allergy doesn’t mean that they have an allergy to all nuts. Likewise, as substitutes, you can check out sunflower seeds and flaxseed also.

Soy allergy

Soy is something people don’t generally use for always cooking and can be treated by having nutramigen. Soy allergies are a little tricky to deal with. Further, wheat allergy is another serious kind of allergy. People can have gluten-free products. Rather than using wheat, you can use products like potato starch or rice flour.

Some allergy foods to avoid for protecting your kids

Various food products need to be avoided. Before buying bread, check out if there are eggs used in making it. Eggs are also used in different food items like biscuits, waffles, etc. If you are suffering from an egg allergy, you should avoid such stuff.

Probiotics are offering nowadays as part of the digestive systems. Some people replace fats with healthy proteins. In case of peanut allergy, keep in mind that cookies, marzipan, cereals, etc., contain nuts. Know about all the problematic conditions the moment you know you are allergic.


Read the food labels properly before buying products. Also, talk to the doctor in case you want to have substitutes. They are better guides in giving you good advice.

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