Top 4 Tips for Finding and Keeping a Job for People with ADHD


People with ADHD can live a full life including holding down a job they enjoy. With ADHD treatment, there is really no limit to what you can do.

Here are some tips for ADHD patients on how to get and keep a job

Do What You Love

This is the number one rule to job satisfaction and it applies to people with ADHD as much as anyone else. Your willpower alone can only get you so far, but if you are pursuing a career path that is in alignment to what you are passionate about,  job satisfaction will come much easily.

People with ADHD are in diverse jobs, enjoying so much success when it is actually something they love doing. This only goes to show that there really is no perfect job for people with ADHD, but that its about finding what is the right fit for you.

Play to Your Strengths

You want to narrow down your options to careers and jobs where your ADHD traits will also be your strengths. A job that offers you a great deal of independence and allows you to be creative would be perfect.

Because ADHD symptoms vary from one person to the next, it follows that these strengths will vary among individuals. If you are a creative, and a problem-solver, go for a role where creativity is highly encouraged and you are allowed to think outside the box. You may also want to find a role that allows you to stay on the curve of continuous learning.

Find Workarounds for your ADHD Challenges

In the same way that your ADHD traits can be strengths worth capitalizing, they can also pose serious challenges to your work life. If you don’t find effective workarounds for these challenges and get effective ADHD treatment, they can impact your everyday performance and long-term success in insurmountable ways.

Difficulties managing time, disorganization, distractibility, memory problems, social challenges, and getting bored easily are among some of the challenges common to people with ADHD. The good news is that there are effective workarounds to help you manage these challenges.

Use to-do lists and alarms to help you stay on schedule and on top of your time management game.A planner, and writing down everything can help you stay better organized. If you tend to get easily distracted, you may benefit greatly from noise-cancelling headphones and listening to some white noise at your desk.

Don’t Hide your ADHD

You shouldn’t feel the need to hide your ADHD from your employer and colleague. While there is no rule dictating that you should disclose your diagnosis, there are definitely some benefits to doing it.

Your employer and colleagues alike can help you reach your full potential. It also helps them to better understand the challenges that may stand in your path to achieving this potential. They will be able to work with you on deadlines and helpful processes. You can get to enjoy some formal workplace accommodations to help you do better. Getting a quiet office desk, away from all the noise and distractions, for example, can help you deal with the distractibility challenge.

Final Thoughts

Find ADHD treatment, identify what career path is best for you and you can look forward to a long an successful career.  It’s about finding the right job for you, capitalizing on your strengths and working around the challenges.

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