Want Your Boss to Respect You? Do These 6 Things

Want Your Boss to Respect You

It’s tough to gain the respect of your boss, particularly if you are just starting out. But lacking that respect can lead them to walk all over you, refuse your requests, and give you the least exciting tasks to do. No one wants to be the bottom of the pile, so look for that respect through these six actions.

1. Bring value

Your boss is more likely to respect you if you bring real value to the team. To this end, find a way to make yourself useful. You could try these ideas:

  • Draw up a list of ways in which the company, or your current project, could be improved, including actionable tasks you can start yourself such as improving employee wellness
  • Speak up at meetings and add your opinion and expertise
  • Offer to take on voluntary tasks that your manager asks for
  • Suggest adding more work to your load; only if it is something you can do well and which will add value to your contribution, without being too much to handle

2. Speak out

In a lot of cases, particularly if you are new to a position, you might be too nervous to speak up about something wrong. But if you see something that looks like a mistake, it’s much better for you to put your hand up and point it out. This is a great way to show that you are detail-orientated, and that you’re not intimidated by the seniority of those around you. Your boss will be impressed that you stuck your neck out, and will take note of it.

3. Stand up for yourself

If you don’t believe in your own self-worth, then who will? You must carry yourself with that knowledge that you are good enough. This also means standing up for yourself if you are questioned. It doesn’t mean that you should be aggressive or confrontational. Rather, you should be able to make a logical and reasoned response to a manager who doesn’t believe you deserve a pay rise, for example.

Stand up for yourself

4. Be respectable

If you want to earn respect, it stands to reason that you should take part in respectable behaviour. Take your job seriously, and do each task to the best of your abilities. Don’t allow yourself to get lazy or to start making excuses. Most importantly, don’t lie. If you are caught out in doing something wrong, admit your mistake and take steps to correct it, as well as to prevent it from happening again. Don’t falsely call in sick when you just want a day off, and so forth.

5. Do your best

If you take a job, be sure to give it your all. Don’t just do what is required and then slack off. Put your all into it! A manager will always respect an employee who really tries to do well at their job. Even if a project doesn’t work out, they will see that you did your best. That’s very important for a manager to see.

Do your best

6. Stop trying

Conversely to all of the other tips on our list, this tip is about not trying so hard. Don’t crave your manager’s approval like a lapdog! Don’t curry favour at every opportunity and follow their every word. Be your own person – just work hard and be the best you can at your job. The less you mind your manager’s respect, the more likely you will have it.

Earning respect comes naturally to some, while others have to work for it. Don’t give up – just follow these tips until you make it stick.

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