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Mobile Photo Editing

Create More Artistic Photos that Tell Compelling Stories

Bellevue, WA — MyZesty Inc., a Beyond Apps Group company, introduces a new feature in their photo editing app, “MyZesty”, which enables users to quickly turn their photos into unique, trendy, and artistic images.  

MyZesty is a new mobile photo editing app that allows users to create, edit, and share amazing photos and videos. Its unique features make adjusting photo composition and customizing filters much easier compared to other existing apps in the market.  The app is powered by a complex algorithm that automatically corrects images to achieve striking effects.

Aside from predefined filters, templates, and basic editing features, such as crop, white balance, lightness, and color correction, MyZesty has unique features that are not yet seen in other photo editing apps. These include Magic Touch and Underwater filters. It is currently one of the few apps known to preserve the high resolution of an image before and after editing.

To add to its unique offering, MyZesty launches another revolutionary feature called “Custom.” Custom is inspired by the idea of color gradient. The feature allows users to create and customize a gradient overlay that can be adjusted using multiple colors, transparency, and intensity to give photos different artistic and trendy looks. This new layer style adds non-destructive effects to the photos. By simply manipulating the Custom settings, users can easily tweak and customize the filter’s color mix, direction, and opacity.

Nader Saleh, chairman and founder of Beyond Apps Group, expressed optimism towards the new feature. “I believe today’s technology can bring out creative talents. Our new Custom feature is unique to MyZesty. This feature, with its flexibility, makes it easy and fun for users to create and apply creative filters to their images,” said Saleh. He also stated that the images with customized filters using the Custom feature can be saved and shared with other users in MyZesty’s growing community. This enables all app users to simply select and use filters designed by other users without having to design it.

“The Custom feature is a first in mobile photo editing, and we are very excited to pioneer such innovation,” Saleh stated. The Custom feature, along with all other features of MyZesty, is free to use during the introductory period. The MyZesty app can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Play Store. 

Beyond Apps Group is constantly on a mission to create software products with advanced features that are not usually found in other existing apps. The company has successfully launched three of its software apps, MyZesty, ViuLive, and atMyCondo. 

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Check out this tutorial to learn how to create amazing photos with MyZesty Custom tool.


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