Try these 7 Cooling Glasses To Sooth Your Eyes

Cooling Glasses

Eyewear has many functions, and the kinds available in stores today offer a multitude of features and protective properties within their limited structure. Eyewear has essentially evolved into a modern marvel, where there are smart versions, tinted versions, and photochromic versions. All these properties are great, but the fundamental property of a good pair of sunglasses is how cooling they are. Cooling glass is the very foundation of good eyewear.

The very invention of sunglasses was with the objective of keeping the eyes cool and protected from the scorching rays of the sun. The cooling glass of a nice pair of sunglasses can keep you comfortable for a long time. Once the detrimental effects of UV radiation were discovered, eyewear became an even more important lifestyle essential for all the days we spend out in the sun. Therefore, investing in a pair of cool glasses for men and a cooling glass for ladies is a universal necessity. Let us look at the options for eyewear that comes with a cooling glass to keep you stylish and comfortable all your round.

Back in Black


Sunglasses are meant to be our companions in summer, and this pair of square-framed sunglasses come with cooling glass that is designed to keep your eyes cool and comfortable to all the heatwaves summer may bring. Your eyes will rest easy within the comfort of these cool glasses for men. These glasses from Shade Station Tom Ford are great as an accessory for tour casual and semi-formal ensembles, with the black shade making them effortlessly chic and versatile for every mood and occasion.

Wow in Wayfarers


Some wayfarers are casual, and some larger-than-life; but this pair in brown is meant to become the closet you were searching for due to its simplicity and approachability. While blacks and blues for wayfarers are the status quo, brown emerges as a chic alternative for those who gravitate toward earthy tones. These cool glasses for men keep your eyes comfortable with their cooling glass, being the perfect synthesis between fashion and function. 

Party in Purple


The inception of pilot glasses can be traced back to the very first few years of commercial flights in history, where pilots would need eyewear to shield their eyes from the sun over the horizon during flights. That is where the pilot glasses were invented, to keep the eyes protected behind the cooling glass. These glasses are an ode to that anecdote of eyewear history, one that celebrates one of the most iconic designs in eyewear to ever be sold.

The Great Gunmetals


Gunmetal glasses are the cornerstone of stylish, lightweight eyewear that boasts a sense of easy-going flair for life. These glasses are a testament to that aesthetic, with the lightweight lenses being complemented by the gradient lenses that double as a cooling glass to keep the sun at bay. The lenses keep your field of vision clear much like polarized sunglasses, and the light-weight and durable design makes it perfect for the outdoorsy and adventurous.

Stun in Silver


Silver eyewear is often relegated to the confines of being ornamental and traditional, but this pair in dark lenses serves to prove otherwise. These lenses are the best styles that one could ask to include in their wardrobe, as it carefully toes the line between casual and formal eyewear due to its contrast in style within itself. The pilot lenses act as a cooling glass for ladies who wear it, held together by the radiant silver frame that is bound to captivate the onlooker with its unassuming design.

Bold in Black Ovals


This design of eyewear is one that is meant to provoke a sense of freedom, confidence and self-assurance the moment you put them on. These oval-shaped lenses are designed to be universally flattering, and to add to their benefits; the frame is lightweight but not bare in appearance with long temple tips to add to their appearance. Eyewear is supposed to be versatile, and this pair offers a balance between the shades of black and white to bring out a dual-toned, classic finish for all styles and silhouettes.

Turn Up in Transparent


These transparent glasses are an example of when modern designs find their best features and combine them into one piece of eyewear. The characteristic feature of this piece of eyewear, is the transparent acetate-inspired frames that bare it all. These glasses are square-shaped lenses, which gives the eyes optimal coverage from the sun; allowing the cooling glass to deliver its function at its best. The gradient lenses are also eye-catching and stunning, making the piece a must-have for your summer collection.

To have a good summer, you need to have cooling glass to keep you company through the harsh heat and light of the outdoors. It is easier said than done because stores and retailers offer an abundance of eyewear options that can often become overwhelming to navigate. Brands like Titan Eyeplus make your search easier, with an organised and user-friendly interface to help you look through the best cool glasses for men and cooling glasses for ladies to beat the heat and to keep your eyes cool and protected.

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